Brady Hoke calls out Notre Dame

It seems that the head Michigan Man is out yet again to show his mouth is as big as his waistline. 20130513-185533.jpgThis time, however, the target of Brady Hoke’s ire isn’t Ohio State (which, no matter what Hoke tells you, is indeed a separate and distinct institution than that of Ohio University), but Notre Dame. Now that the Irish are off to sort of join the ACC, some games are falling by the wayside, and that gives Brady Hoke the sadz.

Via, we get Hoke’s remarks to a group in Grand Rapids:

“We are fortunate to have unbelievable rivalry games at Michigan,” Hoke said. “The Notre Dame game, that rivalry, which they’re chickening out of. They’re still going to play Michigan State, they’re going to play Purdue, but they don’t want to play Michigan. I don’t know how they made that decision. I really do.”

Hoke may not know how Notre Dame made their decision, but it’s fairly easy to suss out, even for the average layperson. Notre Dame’s rivalries with Purdue and Michigan State are more storied, traditional, frequent, or whatever word you’d like to use, than their rivalry with Michigan. With Notre Dame’s pledge to play five ACC games per year, some “regular” games have to go. As it often goes with downsizing, last hired, first fired. Sorry, Michigan, you just didn’t have the tenure.

  • Dave K

    Michigan needs to get over themselves. Some people just don’t give a crap about them.

  • cabbage

    And so ends my hope of a giant sinkhole swallowing up both teams at once.

  • jck49erfan

    Brady Hoke and the rest of those smarmy Michigan assholes can all get fucked. I try to be as realistic of a Notre Dame fan as I can be*, but it all sounds like sour grapes to me. These teams haven’t been good at the same time for a number of years and as Lefty pointed out, the other rivalries (plus USC) are more important.

    Enjoy getting your shit pushed in by Urban Meyer for the next 15 years, Brady.

    *believes Te’o was in on it and secretly never thought the Irish stood a chance against Bama

  • wolverine 133

    Notre Dame, &little sisters of the the poor should be in the same class Irish just don. like being showed up! go beat up on Navy & Boston college,not counting Duke & Wake Forest!!!!!cluck,cluck!your sky is falling, not to mention your stature

  • steverguy

    What does this guy have against Hoke? “his mouth is as big as his waistline”? Why so personal? So he called out Notre Dame – big deal.