Bob Stoops is trolling the SEC media

Bob StoopsDuring a stop in Tulsa during the Sooner Caravan tour, Oklahoma head coach Bob Stoops made some comments which are likely to whip the SEC sycophant media into a frenzy, even if what he said has more than a hint of truth. Stoops’ grand claim? The SEC is more myth than reality.

Per the Tulsa World, Stoops had the following to say about the vaunted SEC:

“So they’ve had the best team in college football,” Stoops said. “They haven’t had the whole conference. Because, again, half of ’em haven’t done much at all. I’m just asking you. You tell me.”

“It depends on who you want to listen to,” Stoops said. “Listen, they’ve had the best team in college football, meaning they’ve won the national championship. That doesn’t mean everything else is always the best.”

“So you’re listening to a lot of propaganda that gets fed out to you,” he said. “You’re more than smart enough to figure it out. Again, you can look at the top two, three, four, five, six teams, and you can look at the bottom six, seven, eight, whatever they are. How well are they all doing?

“What’d we (the Big 12) have, eight of 10 teams in bowl games this year? Again, you figure it all out.”

If you listen really closely, you can hear Clay Travis foaming at the mouth. Regardless, there is a bit of truth to what Stoops says, even if it’s not delivered in the most delicate way. That won’t stop the outrage and backlash, however. SEC fans and media cheerleaders are among the most thin-skinned people on the planet. Well trolled, Bob.

  • cabbage

    So sayeth Big Game Bob, the Supreme Egg Layer.

    • Dave K

      The Stoops love to run their mouths

      • Fabian

        I want to give A&M Kudos for their successful year. They deserve their spotlight. Johnny football has really helped this team and of course the new head coach.

        BUT, I call B.S. on the SEC! Here is a team TAMU, first year out of the Big 12 to go to “SEC” supposedly the best conference in nation. With a brand new coach and a red shirt freshman to boot.
        They end up with a 10-2 record, barely losing to the Tigers and the Gators and beating the the Tide to top it of.

        This is obviously a better team than last years, but this also the same organization(TAMU) that has not won a Big 12 Championship, nor has gone to a BCS bowl since 1998. Then come in new and have a season like that.

        Just because any team wins a National Championship, doesn’t make that whole conference better than everyone else’s and give them better rankings and TV time.

        By the way, the last 2 Hiesmans have been given to Texas High School boys.

        B.S. on the SEC! That has always been my call. Comments anyone?

        • greyhoundmax

          I COMPLETELY agree with your post. The SEC has had some amazing teams, but their conference as a whole isn’t any better than the BIG-12. The AGGIES proved that last season.

          • f

            Thanks greyhoundmax.

          • UpNorthAggie

            Greyhoundmax and DaveK, let me make sure I got this right> the #5 team in the SEC, Texas A&M, destroyed the BigXII champions, OU, in the Cotton Bowl yet the SEC is a weaker conference top to bottom. Is that what you are saying?

          • fabian

            Ooooo….”Trolling” think of something original. Apparently you couldn’t understand my comment. To that me is arrogance and ignorance. I’m done with you.

        • Ron

          A new coach and a new quarterback can mean a lot. Position the X’s and O’s and motivating them is the reason that A&M was a much better team. johnny football is a better quarterback than Tannehill was, and the coach is better. Let me give you another example. Florida won the BCS championship with the same team that Ron Zook had for a couple years. They didn’t switch conferences, they got a new staff that utilized their talent to the fullest. Oh yeah we also smashed OU in the 2008 championship game just thought I would throw that in there. (GatorNation4Life)

  • cabbage

    “What’d we (the Big 12) have, eight of 10 teams in bowl games this year? Again, you figure it all out.”

    Actual record in bowl games last year, 4-5.

    Only 1 Big 12 team played an SEC team in a bowl game last year and they lost by 4 touchdowns. Care to guess which team it was?

    • Dave K


      • cabbage

        You can’t make this shit up.

    • jim

      Even a blind hog finds a nut. Cabbage head look at the complete record. THE SOONERS OWN A&M’s ass! we beat them so bad your east coast sports writer’s cried about the way Stoop’s runup the score. The Big 12 and SEC signed to play each other yearly. We are definately not afraid of Alabam and the little 11!

      • Captain obvious

        Hey rocket scientist. At least we here in the SEC can count to 14, the number of teams in the SEC, not 12 and what is with your “ass owning” fetish?

        • Fabian

          read my comments please. i’ll wait for your reply.

    • Ron

      OK so the big12 had 8 teams in bow games and the SEC had 9. They also went 6-3 including A&M routing Oklahoma in their bowl game!! I too am just stating facts.

  • George

    MEDIA WHORE IN DESPERATE NEED OF ATTENTION TO HELP RECRUIT FUTURE STUDENT ATHELETS, ALERT.. Kind of like an Amber alert, but this one is pussy pink.. This alert employs a whine instead of the traditional siren..

  • Bill Diorio

    I’ve been saying that for years. Alabama has been great and LSU plays to the level of there opponents and is able to win most of the time but no-one else has been very good at all. Because they only play really bad teams out of conference no-one gets to expose them for how average they really are. I wish they could implement some kind of rule making top teams at least have to schedule teams in the major conferences. Make teams like Alabama and LSU have to at least play a team in the Big 12 instead of these ridiculous cupcake teams they currently put on there schedule. Sad! Last year was a perfect example of how down most SEC teams were and they never have to play anyone dangerous except themselves (Alabama & LSU)

    • cabbage

      I will admit the middle of the season out of conference games are weak. The SEC traditionally started their in-conference games earlier than other leagues. When the NCAA allowed another game, they were left with holes in mid-season. Their solution was to go to a smaller conference willing to re-do their entire conference’s schedule in order to receive the big paydays that “cupcakes” get.

      Out of conference games must be agreed to by both teams, so it isn’t 100% on the SEC. I haven’t heard any other major conference commissioners complaining that the SEC is unwilling to play them.

    • scrambolo

      In the immortal words of Steven Tyler,”Dream On, Dream On, Dream, On!”

    • GIBB

      @ Bill Diorio
      Do your homework….every weekend SEC teams play the top teams..another SEC TEAM. Take a look at the top 25 ranked teams every year and it’s dominated by SEC teams. Therefore you are playing the best every Saturday as a regular game! Look at the Big 12 and the PAC 10, 12, they only play the top team in their conference once…1 time if at all. Come on man…do your homework

    • benny

      You should do your homework before spewing crap, some of you get on the net just to talk crap. 2010 LSU played North Carolina (away). 2011 Played Oregon and West Virgina (both away games). 2012 Played Washington (away and home series). 2013 Playing TCU in Dallas.

    • BCSnomore

      So, that’s a contradiction. We’re average but dangerous at the same time? We’ve tried to schedule Oklahoma in the past but they wanted out of the date. Guess big game Bob doesn’t remember that too well, huh? It’s easy to talk smack when you don’t play the people you’re talking it to. After losing Landry Jones and Kenny Stills to the draft, I’d watch my mouth if I were him. No conference is stacked top-to-bottom, that’s just a silly argument. I for one would love to see Texas, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, and KState play Bama, LSU, Georgia, TAMU or Florida. Ask Texas how they liked it in 09. Match our best against the big 12’s best, and our worst against their worst and let’s just see how it shakes out. Nice job on that 4-5 bowl record by the way.

      • Rich

        First of all your an idiot. Look at OU’s out of conference schedule year in and year out and try to compare any SEC OOC schedule, there’s no comparison. Secondly who is the “we” your are referring to that Bob supposedly wanted out of???? Don’t even say Bama cause we had a home and home with them 2002 and 2003/ Care to guess who won those games???? No reason he would have looked to have gotten out of the series, idiot!!!

        • PJ

          Whoa there internet toughguy. Awful easy to call somebody an idiot when you’re safe at your computer in LaLa land, isn’t it? Yes, it was Alabama he tried to back out of, during the Dennis Franchione era. And yes Oklahoma did win those games. But how does the song lyric go? How ya like me now? Come on down the road to Tuscaloosa, buddy. Stand in front of Bryant Denny Stadium and call somebody an idiot, and let’s see how that goes. Where was Oklahoma at in the last few BCS championships? Who beat Oklahoma this past year? Notre Dame? What did Alabama do to Notre Dame? 42-14 wasn’t it? Who has had more bowl appearances and bowl victories in college football history? Alabama. Brush up on your football knowledge before you start calling folks idiots.

          • Greg Wood

            Finally, some one makes sense! Sour grapes to sooner or later. While we are quoting songs
            ” They got a name for the winners of the world, I want a name when I lose, They call Alabama the Crimson Tide, call me Deacon Blues” or sooners

          • cabbage

            Steely Dan for the win.

  • Dick B

    Bob hit it on the head. I’ve been saying that for years – the last 2 years are especially showing as the SEC has had 2 good teams and a whole bunch of bad ones. Funny how cyclical these things are. Big Ten is the greatest for a few years, SEC for a few, Big 12 for a few, etc….. Go up north and play in the snow, SEC teams! Then we’ll see how good you are.

    • Ryan W

      That’s your brilliant stance? Come play in the snow?? LMAO!! THE Lil 10 is an absolute joke dude! Snow or not! Look at the Top 10 BCS teams at any given time of the season, and you will see ATLEAST 4 SEC teams in there, most of the time 6! The networks do everything I possibly can to hype your garbage conference as well as the soft ass PAC 12 every year. And you all fall flat on your faces EVERY YEAR!


      • sooners713

        So what you are saying that if there are 4 teams in the BCS standings then there are 10 teams that aren’t? OK, if there are 6 teams in the BCS standings, then there are 8 that aren’t? Kind of making Stoops’ point a little clearer aren’t you?

        • Fabian

          The SEC is B.S! Those rankings are bias and with SEC hyped up, propaganda.
          Please read my comments. I wait for your reply.

          • Bama15

            Why does stoops eat his cereal from a plate ? Because if he ate it from a bowl he would lose it !!!!

    • cabbage

      I’m sure Big 12 and Big 10 coaches would be thrilled if their commissioners scheduled SEC games in the middle of their conference schedule. Yeah right.

      As fans, we’d love to see non-conference mid season games, but it’s not going to happen. Coaches will accept pre-conference games and the occasional non-conference “rivalry week” game at the end of the season. (SC-Clemson, Fla-FSU, etc.)

      If the SEC and Big10 for example could ever agree to inserting these during conference schedule, the only way coaches would get on board is if it were one conference’s good teams vs the others bad teams. So we’d be stuck with Bama vs Purdue, LSU vs Illinios, tOSU vs Kentucky, etc. Not games we’d want to watch anyway.

  • Bob Isaacks

    Exactly what SEC team kicked your ass in a bowl last year, idiot!

    • Fabian

      I agree with Dick B!

      I want to give A&M Kudos for their successful year. They deserve their spotlight. Johnny football has really helped this team and of course the new head coach.

      BUT, I call B.S. on the SEC! Here is a team TAMU, first year out of the Big 12 to go to “SEC” supposedly the best conference in nation. With a brand new coach and a red shirt freshman to boot.
      They end up with a 10-2 record, barely losing to the Tigers and the Gators and beating the the Tide to top it of.

      This is obviously a better team than last years, but this also the same organization(TAMU) that has not won a Big 12 Championship, nor has gone to a BCS bowl since 1998. Then come in new and have a season like that.

      Just because any team wins a National Championship, doesn’t make that conference better than everyone else’s and give them better rankings and TV time.

      B.S. on the SEC! That has always been my call. Comments anyone?

  • RollTideRoll

    Well let the record speak for itself. In 2011-12 bowl season, SEC went 8-2 and two SEC teams faced off in the Nat’l Chmp Game (AL-LSU).
    In the 2012-13 bowl season, SEC went 6-2 (GA-MI went to tripple OT with the MI win).
    Also, Lets see, 3 consecutive FBS National Championships and SEC has had the last what, 9 years(?), 2012 Softball Nat’l champs, consecutive Nat’l Champs Gymnastics and 3 top 5 progams (AL, LSU, FL), Mens and Womens Golf (AL 2012)…
    So I don’t know what the heck stoops is talking about. Oh lets not forget that one of the single greatest coaches of all time is SEC, Pat Summit (TN).
    And not only are the athletic department(s) in the SEC outstanding, they graduate most all of their student athletes, and have outstanding acedemic programs for all students and are leaders in many key areas of innovation, learning, and research.
    So Stoop this!

    • becky

      You miss the point, like most who are from a conference that currently is doing well. Everything is cyclical(not too big a word for you, is it?)and if you take college football from the start of time, you’ll see a different picture entirely. Just take one example from the record books, like number of wins a program has. There aren’t very many with 800+ wins. 1 resides in the SEC, but there are two in the conference that plays in the snow. Yes, it does make a difference, because you have to account for different conditions from the beginning of the season to the end of the season. In the South, they can count on it being the same all season long, and even in the bowl games. I know, I know, folks don’t want to travel up north for bowl games when it is cold outside. But that aside, if the southern teams had to prepare for playing a northern bowl game, it would be as much of a hassle as the northern teams preparing for the heat and humidity after they have been playing in the opposite conditions. There are differences in the way you condition for the two types of playing conditions. And it does affect the type of offense you run.

      Finally, at the end of the day, Stoops has a point, but he doesn’t have the ability to say it well. If we had no preseason polls, or any polls until at least halfway through the season, the current favoritism posted towards the SEC teams would fade. You can argue all you want, but there is no good reason to place the SEC teams any higher than any other conference until games are played. They usually don’t play anyone until they begin playing each other, and when an “assigned” number 3 team beats an “assigned” number 5 team, they reward them by not dropping the number 5 team, because after all, it was a loss to a number 3 team, right? And so the media help continues throughout the season.

      That’s why the proposed 4 team playoff won’t be any better. It will still be humans picking who they believe is a better team. It won’t get better until we have a 16 team playoff, but the money folks won’t let that happen for quite awhile.

      • Fabian

        I agree with you Becky and well put. Some of these SEC die-hards don’t get it. They are blind to their own ignorance. Again, to you SEC die-hards, Just because one team wins a championship, It does not mean that conference any better than anyone elses.

      • PJ

        Just a heads up. It does get cold in the South. We just don’t get the arctic cold that northern teams deal with. Nor do we get 3 feet of snow in the winter. But, I have played football in the South. It’s a lot easier to play in the cold than in 95 degree heat with a heat index of 120, and there is so much humidity it feels like you’re breathing cotton the air is so thick. Weather is a part of football. The reason the SEC kills Big 10 teams is simple. Recruiting. We have better athletes, facilities and coaches right now. Especially at the top tiers of the conference.

  • SEChumps

    “THE Lil 10 is an absolute joke dude”

    Whenever someone uses dude I assume 1 of 2 things about them. They are under the age of 12 or retarded. In Ryans case it’s both.

    • Hog Fan

      When someone uses the term retarded I assume on of two things about them. 1. They are insensitive to the challenges faced by those with special needs. 2. They are ignorant.

      The SEC recruiting footprint lies in the most fertile ground for athletes in the county. They are bigger, and faster than those in other parts of the country. Top to bottom the facilities are top notch as well. Throw in the rabid fan bases and number of players drafted into the NFL and it’s where many athletes want to come.

      I do not bad mouth other conferences, but currently the SEC is the best football conference in America. If other conferences don’t like that fact they should do something to make it more competitive. If you’ve watched you would see the speed pysicality week in and week out make it inpractical to schedule an out of conference power mid season. All schools schedule a couple of cupcakes, its not just the SEC.

  • Urban Legend

    A&M was borrowed by the SEC last year. Another year of two and and then you can consider them a legitimate member of the SEC. They still have Big 12 players/recruits running all over the place – including Johnny Football.
    The SEC is a rogue conference and it’s just a matter of time before we learn of another Auburn escapade. Now go get back in your pick-up truck!

  • Frank Thomas

    So Bob was A&M one of the good ones???? For your sake I hope so…..

  • amaznx4

    I think its funny the the folks that want to push the lil 12 into the ranks of the SEC!!!!!!!! When was the last time that they have had there own member knoc each other off n order to play into BIG GAME? GO LOOK AT THE FINAL RANKING FO THE LAST 3 YEARS LIL 12!!!! HOW MANY TEAMS U GUYS GOT IN THE FINAL 10

    • Fabian

      Not impressed. Still haven’t addressed my comments. Again, just because your top team wins a championship. It does not make your conference any better than everyone elses. B.S. on the SEC! I’m done.

      • cabbage

        Doesn’t the fact that it is 4 different teams count a little? As a Bama fan, I will give you the fact that Auburn cheated. So we’ll just agree on 3 different champions. :)

        • Fabian

          You as Bama Fan can brag, but as a conference, never.

          • cabbage

            112 days until football. That’s all that really matters.

          • USC01

            @ Fabian….you have no idea what you are talking about…Just quickly thinking about the 3 major sprosts in college in the last 7 years or so…football, basketball, and baseball…SC has won 2 back to back Bball titles and played in a 3rd one, KY has won a title and FL two in basketball, and LSU, FL, AL, and AU have won a title in Football…there is your proof so STFU…BTW, who do you pull for?????

  • Fabian

    I do love this game.

  • OC

    Let’s look at the Draft. I know the SEC had 63 players drafted. I don’t kow how many the little 11 or the Big 12 / 11 / 10 or whatever it is now. Seems to me that the NFL thinks SEC players are better than the others

    • Fabian

      Again, its overrated. Too much bias to the SEC. You are not understanding the comments. If a team continues to when a championship year after year they get more TV time and the other teams they play against also get more looks no matter how good or how bad they are. Its just a matter of logic, but it still does not the whole conference better that the others that’s part of the argument.

      • cabbage

        Take a deep breath Fabian. This bias just got stepped up a notch, with the new SEC/ESPN TV deal. Not saying you have to like it, just begin to learn to deal with it. The hype not only attracts viewers, but gives their talking heads something to argue about debate ad naseum.

        • Fabian

          True that Cabbage, True that, and the saga continues.

  • jason

    the insecurity complex that fans of other conferences have about the SEC is sometimes amazing to me. Kind of like not admitting that Lebron is the best player in the NBA just because you don’t like him. Facts and feelings are two seperate things. And I can already hear the refrain if the SEC doesn’t win an 8th consecutive: “See there, the SEC didn’t win an eighth in a row, therefore they’re not that good”. I know, common sense and facts vs. emotion in sports …. there is no debating with someone who uses emotion rather than facts …

  • covvb0y

    His point would hold up, if the SEC hadn’t had LSU, Alabama, Auburn, Florida, Tennessee all win a National Title in the modern day, a few winning multiple titles. No other conference comes close to that. Universities don’t look to leave the SEC, that tells the tale.

  • Laughable

    What else would you expect out of this Big 12 blowhard? Good old Bob had to say something like this to get some attention. He certainly isn’t doing anything on the field to win any acclaim. He can’t win the national championship so now he hangs his hat on how great their conference is overall. Really, that is all you have? Take your sour grapes and go back to Norman and make some more whine. You an an underachieving crybaby.

  • Trey

    SEC bowl record most years speaks for itself. 2012-13 bowl SEC bowl record…6-3. Big 12?? 4-5!!

    Plus the point that he leaves out is just about every Big 12 team or 99.9% of all the teams in D-1 would be no better than average and would most likely be in the bottom 10-14 teams in the SEC.

    Finally, it’s math people. The top 5-7 teams are going to beat the bottom 5-7 most of the time and so the bottom teams’ records will look bad but that doesn’t tell how good they are in relation to other conferences. Just reference the bowl records year to year or the all time conference bowl records.

    SEC fans don’t protest or cry that the Big East, ACC or sometimes PAC-12 has predominately been the best conferences in basketball. It’s the truth. So accept that 7 straight championships and the best all time bowl record translates to the best football conference HANDS DOWN!!! So lame, can’t win the big game Bob Stoopes gets the gasface!!

    • Fabian

      You say the School has a good program. Not the whole conference. That is the argument. I that is way I look at it. Trying to latch on every other team in the conference is about money.

      • Trey

        I don’t understand what you’re talking about. I made no mention of “School.” Your other argument makes no sense. SEC has been basically the same minus the addition last for over twenty years so the same 12 teams have been in the SEC before the huge tv deals.

        I made a case that top to bottom, the SEC teams are better because 1) Championships, which come from playing the best competition which includes the teams at the bottom of the conference. 2) Overall bowl record includes all the teams that make it to bowls. There were 9 SEC teams last year out of 14 so clearly all weren’t top SEC schools.

        • Fabian

          OK, I’m done. You just don’t want understand. So the argument goes on. To the great game of football, can’t wait till the season starts.

          • Rollin with the TIDE

            Tell stoops to quit bellyaching and schedule some SEC teams……or at least keep it close with the ones he can’t get out of playing cause he has no control over who he plays in the bowl!!

  • Fabian

    That comment was ignorant. You have no clue to whom you are talking to.

    • Mary

      Fabian please stop trolling. Save that stuff for gawker/bleacherreport. The SEC has the most talented/best cheerleaders in the nation to go along with the best football, (not basketball)baseball, track, swimming, and ro-sham-bo teams. Just don’t ask us our multiplication tables.