Tim Tebow could only the 2nd QB ever to start and win a playoff game and then never play again

0109-Tim-Tebow-Broncos.jpg_full_600Odd trivia always gets us. We love to hear about random facts and figures and for some reason they end up taking a ton of our mind, while everything we learned in school slowly falls out of it. The newest tidbit is in regards to recently released QB Tim Tebow. We know, you are sick of Tebow-related articles and posts, but this one really caught our eye.

According to Mike Klis at the Denver Post, only one player ever has started an won an NFL playoff game at quarterback, remain on an active roster the following season, and never start again. That dubious honor currently belongs solely to Bob Lee. Lee started and won a playoff game back in 1977 for the Minnesota Vikings as they defeated the LA Rams, 14-7. Lee took over for Tommy Kramer the previous week in the team’s season finale. Lee certainly wasn’t the catalyst in that game, as he was 5-of-10 for 57 yards.

Though Tebow racked up a lot of yards in Denver’s thrilling OT playoff win in 2012 over the Steelers, he certainly wasn’t on fire throwing it around. He was 9-20 until his final pass to Demaryius Thomas on the first play from scrimmage in the OT, which went for an 80-yard TD. Since that play, Tebow has yet to start an NFL game, as he was the backup to Mark Sanchez all of last year. He is now in danger of joining Lee in the record books.

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