Kirk Cousins gives the best possible answer about the Jason Collins coming out

Kirk_Cousins_Contract_Redskins_Four_Year_Deal_2_5_MillionEver since Jason Collins announced that he was gay, making him the first active athlete in male professional sports, we have heard a ton of reactions from many different people, from many different walks of life. But the one group that has been taking a lot of heat this past week has been those who call themselves Christian. This is because places like ESPN have tried to put people on the air that are willing to give their opinion that stands in opposition to Collins and others of the gay community. These individuals, like Chris Broussard and Asante Samuel, have suddenly become the voice of all Christians, and that certainly isn’t very fair. Nor should we look at people on message boards, commenting sections, Twitter and Facebook as the voice of the religion. There really is only one voice of that religion, and that is Jesus Christ. Kirk Cousins, the back up QB for the Washington Redskins, and a man who would identify himself as a Christian, appears to understand this.

While speaking wtih, Cousins was asked for his reaction to the whole Jason Collins coming out story, as well as the reactions to it. Cousins gave what only could be looked at as a great response:

“very, very sensitive issue, and something I haven’t given a whole lot of thought to.”

“But I think we need to show love to every single person on this Earth,” he said. “Jesus showed love to everybody, and whether it was Mary Magdalene, who was a prostitute had seven demons inside her, he showed love to her, and he didn’t have a problem with her.

“Jesus called on a tax collector, Matthew, to be one of his disciples, and while many Jewish people had a problem with Matthew, Jesus didn’t have a problem with Matthew. What Jesus wanted was for Matthew to grow.

“At the end of the day, anybody in our locker room who is struggling with something and isn’t perfect – which would be everybody in the locker room – my attitude would be that I want to show love to them in a way that shows them Jesus, and hope that they can encounter the same love that I encountered from Jesus that saved my life.”

The last paragraph may give some an uneasy feeling if they tend to read too much into it. But I think Cousins gets it and has a better understanding of what Christianity is all about.

  • cycledan

    Um, Dave, you don’t need to read into the last paragraph. He was saying that everyone has something wrong with them including gay people who we should love. That IS the problem. They interpret the Biblical passage that we should stone gay people to death as proof that God doesn’t approve of gay people. And I would say that is a reasonable interpretation if you actually take a several thousand year old collection of ancient writings as being the infallible word of some omniscient being. However if you subscribe to all modern research and realize that people have no choice about being gay, then they are doing absolutely nothing wrong to begin with.

    So while Cousins seems like a nice guy whose heart is in the right place, his mind is still twisted into believing that there is something wrong with being gay.

  • lorcan bonda

    cycledan — you are reading something into Cousins words that aren’t there. He is giving his interpretation of “He who has not sinned, cast the first stone.” That is how ‘they’ interpret the Bible. He is not criticizing Collins, he is acknowledging that coming out is a ‘struggle’ that Collins has had to deal with.

  • Ken

    The fact is… the Bible is indeed the infallible repository of redemptive revelation and Cousins is spot on in his commentary on this issue. None of us are “perfect” and while we should not approve of sin, we are called to love the sinner, as the example of Mary points out. One additional point is, the Bible is as relevant today as it was when first written and only through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, through Jesus Christ will we come to know the Father.

  • stevew

    cycledan: as far as i know, the only biblical passage stating death to those who lay with a man as they would a woman(which suggests homosexual behaviour)is Leviticus – this is an Old Testament book, predating the new teachings and changes brought about by Christ, and followed by true Christians