Blackhawks reporter fired just two days after making an on-air Freudian Slip

Susannah-CollinsSad news out of the Windy City after Chicago Blackhawks reporter Susannah Collins gave the world one of the best Freudian Slips of all-time, she finds herself on the unemployment line. Collins was reporting prior to the start of the Blackhawks first Stanley Cup Playoff game and said that the team had a “tremendous amount of sex during the regular season.” What she meant to say was ‘success,’ which she did correct herself with. It seemed rather harmless, but hysterical.

According to the Chicago Tribune, CSN Chicago announced on Friday they have parted ways with Collins, but did cite that it had nothing to do with her on-air flub. Which we find somewhat hard to believe.

It is highly possible that it wasn’t directly tied to Wednesday incident only, as it appears that her remark brought publicity to her previous work, which was a series called “Sports Nutz.” She participated on this show back in 2009 and 2010. The show used sexual language as a regular gag with its sports reporting.

Warning, videos may be NSFW

It is a bit ridiculous that she is being let go, and since CSN hasn’t provided any information as to why, we are going to assume that it had to do with the othernight and her past work.

This firing probably will be a good thing for Collins, as she is now a nationally known product due to her mistake which went viral. Many reporters have had similar flubs like hers, and another sports network will likely take her on. If Jen Sterger can get work on a national sports station, this girl can.

Now, if we can only get Hawk Harrelson off the air. . .

  • cabbage

    There’s an opening on SportsNation.

  • Tom Coughlin

    She just screwed up once – it’s not like she repeated it five or sucks times.

  • cabbage

    I wish her sex in all future endeavors.

    • mikiesmadness

      wouldn’t that be “suck-sex”

  • cbh49er

    I’m learning that almost no one watches Inside the NFL on Showtime. She was on that show for two years doing fluff pieces.

  • lonnie gilliam

    while!!!they being quite hard on the young lady for makingone mistake.She must work for that one perfect (buthole)boss.

  • Douglas Goodin

    I think she does not understand that tweeting and bragging about likes makes her look frivolous to well educated people. Her boss did the right thing.

  • don novey

    Blackhawks down.

  • beastgreeley

    C’mon give her a break, she’s smart, hot, and only made one innocent mistake.

  • http://yardbarker Tom Stewart

    Big deal she made a mistake, no foul no harm. But Fire her what a bunch of chicken shit assholes that run that company.

  • Jay

    Come work for NESN where you can watch and talk to winning teams and great fans unlike that sh#ty sex less network you use to work for!!!

  • Daniel McKeel

    I thought that she did a great job!! made a very silly and funny slip. Why would any company fire someone over this? What happen to our country? Idea that there is no loyalty even on a frivolous mistake. Employer should be loyal to their employees and employees should be loyal to their employer. It is a shame this was blown out way beyond what happened.

  • http://yahoo mark

    Totall HSST

  • Fraggle Stick Car

    Actually, this may be the best thing that’s happened to her career – it most likely has launched her into the national spotlight – and she’ll have no problem finding a bigger, better gig, working for a more tolerant, less backward-thinking team/organization – don’t be surprised if you see her on ESPN, on the sidelines of Monday Night Football someday –

  • JD

    So,is there something wrong with adults having a tremendous amount of sex during…any season, regular, post or pre?

  • Daniel

    I don’t see what’s wrong with what she said. For all we know she could be right.

  • jj

    Collins, who is admittedly nothing more than puff piece eye candy can nevertheless carry a story and given just how superficial media has become in what is nothing more than a superficial society, she’s a good person for the job….. I don’t see her winning a Pulitzer. Then again, I wouldn’t be surprised….. But to fire her for what is obviously nothing more than an innocent lapsus linguae is outrageous to say the least and CSN, it’s ownership and management in toto ought to be bullwhipped several times over then doused with salt water, then repeated just to make sure it was done right.

    Collins will in all likelihood get a new gig from any of the other manifold puff piece media platforms in this joke of a nation and find herself in better staid, laughing this off for the remainder of her lollipop life.

  • BirdmanLivesinme

    Twat did you say??? I Cunt hear you?? I must have an ear infucktion

  • richard


  • bottlesflying

    My 4-year-old might enjoy Sports Nutz, although it could be a little too juvenile for him.

  • Boris

    “Which we find somewhat hard to believe”

    I believe she would like to find something hard to believe in!