Father of Danny Amendola suing Cowboys Stadium for $1 million

BOOM!A couple of years ago, Willie Amendola, the father of current New England Patriots wide receiver Danny Amendola, was hit by an unmanned stadium cart while in the midst of celebrating Spring Dekaney’s 34-14 win over Cibolo Steele in the Class 5A Division II state championship. While the video shows what looks to be a vicious collision, witnesses claim they only saw a small streak of blood along his forearm. But the elder Amendola is now suing Cowboys Stadium for the incident, and he is looking for far more compensation than his hospital bill.

According to a lawsuit via the Dallas Morning News, Amendola is seeking upwards of $1 million:

According to the suit, Amendola was indeed hurt, suffering “considerable physical injuries.” But more to the point, says the complaint, when the video of the accident went viral, that caused “Coach Amendola and his wife, great personal embarrassment and mental anguish.

According to the suit, Amendola was indeed hurt, suffering “considerable physical injuries.” But more to the point, says the complaint, when the video of the accident went viral, that caused “Coach Amendola and his wife, great personal embarrassment and mental anguish.”

“Videos of the incident confirm that ill-trained, unsupervised, and grossly negligent employees, while acting in course and scope of their employment, threw objects into the floor of the motorized cart, which caused the cart to accelerate without manual operation,” says the suit. “The cart crossed and went up the field with the employees in pursuit.”

“Struck from behind, without warning, Coach Amendola was thrown back into the floorboard of the cart suffering serious bodily injuries. Coach Amendola heroically had the presence of mind to direct the cart, which he briefly controlled, in such a manner that it avoided striking the head or bodies of numerous others who had fallen. He rolled off the cart when he realized he could not bring it safely to a halt, hitting the stadium floor.”

Here is the video that the suit refers to:

I enjoy the description in the lawsuit that describes Amendola as a hero that day. It almost reminds of the Seinfeld episode where Kramer kept making all the bus stops while fending off a perp:

While it definitely brought embarrassment, we simply don’t see Amendola getting this kinda cash from this incident. He will probably end up with a nice settlement out of court, but nowhere near the $1 million as stated in the suit. For those that are ready to pin this directly on Jerry Jones, it may not be his responsibility. While the Cowboys are the operators of the stadium the city of Arlington owns it.

Just in case you are wondering, the Patriots do not visit the Cowboys this season.

  • denise

    what a jerk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://gmail.com Bill

    Idiot people always trying to sue for doing something stupid.

  • Chris

    The guy’s son is playing in the NFL & he’s still seeking that much money? If he responded to the embarrassment the initial incident caused, I wonder how he will respond to the embarrassment he should feel after asking for $1 million because the other people laughed at him?

  • Forrest Gump

    Stupid is as stupid does!


    OKAY…So let me get this right? Your standing there minding your own business and you get struck by a moving vehicle from behind. Not only that but it gets played over and over for all of teh world to laugh and marvel and ^YOU GUYS^ don’t expect a lawsuit? What world do you live in!? Stand there and let me run you down with my vehicle and see what you do! LOL you all are a joke if you think for one second you wouldn’t sue! (Who cares about the amount) They were responsible. People sue for slipping on a wet floor in a supermarket and this guy gets hit with a cart and you judge the amount of money his son is making? Really?

    • Where’s Your Common Sense

      It was wrong to judge the amount of money that the son is making because every situation is different. But, if this guy was not hurt and the worst he got was a scratch on his forearm….$1 million dollar settlement….Really? Have some pride

    • pdub

      What does his Sons income have to do with HIM? Do you pay for everything your mom and dad want? Do you pay their deductables if they get into a car accident/medical bills, etc? who cares how much money he is getting(if he gets it? Isnt that the point of the stadium having insurance? i think people who comment like this are hypocrites, and jealous. Everyone on here knows that if you could make a quick MIllion, you would- be honest w yourself-

      • LDB

        You are the biggest piece of shit on here. Obviously you are lazy and jealous because you haven’t made anything of yourself. Get your head out of your ass you class warfare chop! Pdub, I cant stand people like you but I will continue to tolerate because of our laws and society.

  • DK

    you can see someone clearly set that up i mean no way those endzone markers get caught on the gas pedal

    • Mark

      Ever wonder why costs of just about everything are skyrocketing all over the USA? It’s because of assinine claims like this. It’s become the American Way. Just because you were embarrased doesn’t make this your moment to cash in. And it’s crap like this that makes Americans look like idiots to much of the rest of the world. How about he just get up, rub some dirt on it, and move on. He wasn’t “damaged” so why should he receive damages?

  • Sammy

    get it from your son.

  • Becky Williams

    That, my friends is one of the reasons your ticket prices are so high and an average family can’t even go and enjoy an American passtime! I certainly understand being compensated for medical expenses but, really? One million? Come on!

  • Alex

    If one were to get a video forensic investigator in on this one would notice that the two items causing the cart to move were not carelessly tossed into the cart. Look at it very closely and you can clearly see that the two items were propped in order to intentionally move the vehicle without a manned operator. I’m not a professional but this is clearly obvious when you watch the video. The items were propped.

  • Mikey K

    He couldn’t reach the object that was lodged against the gas pedal. Porky is just a woose. What about the other people that were injured by the cart, is anyone else suing Cowboys Stadium. He’s ignorant and I laughed because he ‘couldn’t stop the cart so he bailed on it.

  • Justine K

    I get that he’s suing. You got hit by a cart and that’s definitely something. But it seems his biggest arguement is the embarrasment suffered from it being posted online. Clearly it wasn’t the Coyboy’s who did that so leave it out. You can’t blame them for that.

  • Rick Swan

    What does this have to do with the New England Patriots?