Brandon Jennings called out his coach on Twitter

hi-res-7181994_crop_exactBrandon Jennings has made it quite clear the last few months that he isn’t really happy playing in Milwaukee. That follows the pattern for many high-profile players that have played with the Bucks, going all the way back to some guy named Lew Alcindor. Jennings frustrations continued last night after he disagreed with head coach Jim Boylan calling a timeout with 29 seconds left with the Bucks trailing by 10 to the Thunder. Jennings didn’t agree with the stoppage of play and did what every player does immediately at the game, voiced his opinion on Twitter.

Brandon Jennings hates boylan

Well, Brandon has obviously never seen Rock N’ Jock basketball. Of course, it no longer exists from his Twitter feed.

It isn’t shocking to see him clash with Boylan, as he was an assistant for Scott Skiles, who Jennings didn’t see eye-to-eye with. Ironically, Jennings is actually playing worse than he was with Skiles, but the team is actually in line for the playoffs. There is little doubt that he is on his way out-of-town in Milwaukee, as he has already expressed interest in playing in a big market. Jennings has been looking to get paid since he left high school. He skipped college to play a year overseas, before entering into the NBA Draft and being selected by the Bucks. He never signed an extension with the Bucks and now has an opportunity to sign a huge offer from another team.

By tweeting his frustrations with his coach, and playing worse in the second half of the season, Jennings is going to make it difficult for a team to back the money truck up to his home. He just makes himself to look like a petulant child, and who wants that running their offense, no matter how talented he may be?