TVF Cerealology: The Field of 64


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Welcome to the 2013 edition of our annual tournament. This is our 4th year putting it on and it is by far one of the coolest things we do. The “committee” works hard at our selections and seeding, hundreds (or maybe less than 100) emails are sent as we discuss and argue about who should be the top seeds, who should be in the 12/5 games, and what makes a balanced bracket. This year features Cerealology!

Cereal is one my favorite things on earth. The sugary kind, the good for you kind, dry, with milk, for breakfast or dinner, or as a late night on the couch snack; it doesn’t matter, I love it all. For many of us, cereal reminds of childhood, it’s the first food we can “make”, getting up early to watch cartoons on a Saturday with a big bowl of Cocoa Pebbles is one of my favorite memories.

The seeding was based on a combination of US sales (facts), age (history) and personal preference (opinion). Cheerios is the top-selling selling US cereal, but the Honey Nut variety are 3rd and taste way better, so they got the nod as a number 1. Frosted Flakes are the old school legends, everyone has eaten them at least once. Cinnamon Toast Crunch is new money, but the stuff sells like crazy and people love it. Cap-n-Crunch has been a top 10 seller for 40 years, a consistent winner. We aren’t sure how it will break, most of the sugar bombs got the high seeds, because, well, sugar cereals are awesome. Now that many of us are older with families and such, we eat many of the lower seeded stuff because it’s supposed to be good for us. Personally, if it’s a meal like breakfast of dinner, I eat the healthier stuff, however if it’s a snack, gimme something that turns the milk a different color.
One final note, the regions are named for the big 4 cereal makers. The cereals that appear in a region aren’t necessarily made by that company. Think of like when UConn is in the West region or UCLA in the East. Please don’t email us informing us that General Mills doesn’t make Frosted Flakes. We know that and will mock you. Feel free to email us telling us how we screwed up seeding, or go ahead and call us out in the comments. Stop by often to vote!

Voting is underway!

  • cabbage

    This new Chocolate Krave is pretty damn good.

  • Jay V

    Very happy to see Kaboom slip into the field.

  • Watsonian

    Cocoa Krispies got a 9 and Apple Jacks got a 4???? Should’ve switched those two around, brah.

  • cycledan

    Kix and Cocoa Pebbles in the first round! Gotta go with Kix!

    I love my breakfast cereal which is pretty much what I eat for breakfast every day. I eat a lot of the organic sunflower seed type health cereals lately but this morning I did have Life cereal. Cap’n Crunch was my favorite growing up. Frosted Flakes got soggy too quickly. Anyhow, great idea for a bracket.

  • cleet

    Where’s Colon Blow?

    • cabbage

      Obviously, you’ve never eaten Grape Nuts.

    • patphish

      #4 in the Kellogs region.

  • cycledan

    Post and Kellog’s raisin bran going at it in the first round! I think the fix is in.

  • RMK

    Crispix as a 12-seed easily pulls off the upset in round 1

  • Little Tyson

    Cinnamon Life, which is fucking amazing, is nowhere on the bracket? That’s terrible. Seriously. Just ridiculous. But all those stupid horkin’ fiber chunk cereals and kashi make it?

    How about someone under the age of 60 make the brackets next time.

    • cabbage

      For the record, I was never consulted about this (or anything else for that matter).