NFLPA wants inquiry into bungling of Dumervil’s deal

BroncosBrownsSNIt the least surprising news of the day, the NFL Players Association wants an inquiry into the mess of Elvis Dumervil’s late fax that triggered his release from the Denver Broncos.

As we told you on Friday, Dumervil had until 2PM MT time to get his signed paperwork for a restructured deal to the Broncos, which would have paid him $8 million instead of $12 million for 2013. However, the paperwork didn’t arrive until 2:07PM MT time, so the Broncos released him. According to Mike Klis of the Denver Post, this is is not sitting right with the union and they want some answers.

This may not be necessarily something that Dumervil and his agent, Marty Magid, want looked into. Theoretically, Dumervil could get more on the open market. It certainly is feasible to see a team offer Dumerville more than the $8 million he would have received from the Broncos. It is unlikely that anyone would pay him that in base salary, but he certainly could get that in guaranteed money up front in addition to market value base salary. This would put more money in the pocket of Magid, as well.

However, this could also mean that Magid cost his client a considerable amount of money, and this could anger the NFLPA who in charge of regulating agents. Magid says this falls at the feet of John Elway and the Broncos.

Who isn’t this going to bother? The NFL. This is between Dumervil, Magid, and the Broncos. The only thing the NFL has to deal with is when a contract reaches their offices. While the Broncos probably could be looked at as messing with Dumervil, the fact is that they had informed Dumervil well before that there was no way they would pay him the $12 million owed to him under his old contract. He had his chance, and will most likely need to take an even greater pay cut. The solace is that he will get to choose from a list of suitors looking for an edge rusher, and probably a one-year deal betting on himself is the best option.