Report: Pats entertaining Victor Cruz deal

Giants_Patriots_football_04f32If you could think of someone who would be the perfect replacement to Wes Welker in the New England Patriots offense, who would it be? I think it is hard to argue against Victor Cruz. The New York Giants gave Cruz a 1st-round tender today, which means that any team that signs him has to give up a first round pick since Cruz is a restricted free agent.

The Patriots have struggled in negotiations with Welker, 31, who is seeking a multiyear deal. But so is Victor Cruz, and he is 5 years younger than Welker. Cruz would slide nicely into Welker’s slot position within the Patriots offense, and his big play ability is something that the Patriots have been lacking the last few seasons. According to CBS Sports’ Jason LaCanfora, the Patriots are definitely entertaining the idea of signing Cruz to a big deal. It appears, however, that the Patriots interest has somewhat waned throughout the day as it was announced that Cruz changed agents to Tom Condon. Bob Kraft generally doesn’t make deals with him.

With the trades today of Anquan Boldin and Percy Harvin, that enters both the Vikings and the Ravens into the Victor Cruz sweepstakes. The Vikings now have an extra first round pick to deal with, and the Ravens gained an additional $7 million in cap space. Of course, if any of them or the Patriots sign Cruz to an offer sheet, the Giants will have the right to match, which could stall them in their pursuit of replacements.

  • Big D

    Yeah, I could get behind this. Pending the numbers, of course.

    • Dave K

      Same as Welker

      • Big D

        Same numbers? Don’t think it’d happen. I’ve got Welker pegged at about 3/$38M if he stays in New England (which I don’t think he will), with $20-$22M guaranteed, but the contract backloaded.

        Cruz wouldn’t take that.

        • Jp

          3 yr 38 mil for welker?? ha ha yea not quite buddy

    • Doug

      If we would have to give up a first rounder to get Cruz, and he would just be the same as Welker, and for the same money, why not just resign Welker? The bigger need is still the secondary as has been said over and over since the 2012 season began. Wasting picks like this would not make any sense.

  • Willy

    I believe there are points that people keep missing when they ask why Not bring Welker back.
    1. Bill doesnt like Wes, just listen to some of the verbal exchanges between the two of them.
    2. Wes only became a good player when he came to NE, will he be able to keep that up after he leaves and in a different offense?
    3. Wes is over 30 and at a position where age starts to show. No way would I offer him any more than 2 years and not for more than $7.5m per.
    4. There are comparable receivers on the free agent market or available in trade and probably for alot less money.
    5. The Pats MUST spend more of their money on a Safety, a Corner or Both FIRST and foremost before anything else. Then they need a Tackle, then a wide receiver/return man last.