Mike Wallace to the Dolphins is inevitable

The Miami Dolphins have a ton of money to spend this offseason, and their biggest priority at the moment appears to Mike Wallace. There is no shortage of teams interested in the speedy free agent wide receiver, but it appears as if the Dolphins are going to land him. ESPN’s Adam Schefter is reporting that the entire league expects Wallace to end up in South Florida:

According to other reports, the Dolphins spent all weekend courting Wallace, with an aggressive deal set to be put in front of him when teams can begin offering deals at 4pm on Tuesday.

Wallace would provide the Dolphins with the big play wide receiver that Ryan Tannehill needs entering his 2nd season in the league.

A report from the Palm Beach post is calling it a ‘done deal.’ But so was Jim Harbaugh and Peyton Manning to the Dolphins.

The Dolphins are also reportedly interested in Wes Welker, Brandon Gibson, and Greg Jennings, if a deal with Wallace cannot be reached quickly.

  • Bryan

    When were Harbaugh and Manning considered done deals? We were MAYBE considered favorites by the media but neither were ever a “done deal” Anyone with a brain knew Manning wasn’t going to South Beach and Harbaugh never really seemed too excited about Miami either to be honest…

    • Lone Wolf

      the “Media” considered them a done deal, no one else.

  • Mike Wallace

    South Beach, here I come!!!!!!