Chip Kelly completes his staff with ex-Navy SEALs trainer

Chip Kelly is ready to turn the NFL on its head. The new Philadelphia Eagles’ head coach recently completed his staff which will help bring his innovative, high-paced offense to the NFL. Not only did the Ducks play at a breakneck speed in games, but so were practices. That means players have to be in top physical condition to keep pace throughout several months of a season. The NFL is an even longer season, more grueling season, so it is even more imperative. That means the usual strength and conditioning isn’t going to cut it, and Kelly is thinking outside-the-box, just as he did with his offensive system.

The final hiring of Kelly’s staff is Shaun Huls. His official title on the team is “Sports Science Coordinator,” a job that is unique compared to the rest of the typical training staff. Huls previous job was to train the most highly skilled soldiers in the world, the United States Navy SEALs.

The question following the Eagles hiring of Kelly is just how he will implement the system that brought him so much success at Oregon. It is still unknown exactly how much of that offense the team will run, especially with its current personnel, but every indication is that Kelly believes it can and will work at the NFL level, regardless of what the skeptics are saying. But then again, these same skeptics believes that the read-option wouldn’t work, and we saw that three playoffs this season ran that offense. Kelly’s offense is very similar to those same sets that the 49ers, Redskins, and Seahawks ran this past year. But as anyone that has followed the Oregon Ducks the last several seasons, they run it in a much quicker pace.

While NFL teams have worked a no-huddle into their game plan, nobody has quite run it at such a quick pace since the Bill K-Gun offense of the early 90s, and that looks slow compared to what Kelly likes to run. Having players in top physical condition is a huge part of making it work, and it only makes sense to have someone who understands training the human body work in such conditions. SEALs strike hard and fast with precision, so it appears to be a wise choice by Kelly.

The Eagles also announced the hiring of former Browns head coach Pat Shurmur as offensive coordinator and Bill Davis as their defensive coordinator.

  • joe hammer

    Kelly’s offense was why coach Saban was complaining last season,he thought for sure Alabama was going to have to play Oregon for the title and he knew he didn’t know how to coach his defense at that pace without being able to subsitute his big tired players and he was right you can’t sub when the offense never stops.Saban’s brain has not been trained to think that fast and he was one worried complaining overhyped old school coach.Kelly is gonna give NFL coaches and players nightmares

  • mike caffrey

    should be some fun football to watch in Philly!

  • Darnell Vincent

    Do you know how foolish your comment about Nick Saban was? If he had met the Ducks you could bet your last money he would have had a game plan.Three, count’em 3 crystal Football’s if Kelly’s system was soo good where is his?trump boards itself.