Darnell Dockett can’t quit AJ McCarron

After last month’s BCS Championship Game, AJ McCarron fired up the ol’ twitter machine to defend himself and his girlfriend from unsolicited advances from several people, including, most notably, Arizona Cardinals DE Darnell Dockett.  McCarron got the better of that little spat, and it seems to have left a bad taste in Dockett’s mouth, as he was at it again Monday night.  This time, however, it wasn’t McCarron’s girlfriend Katherine Webb with whom Dockett was seeking to spend time, but McCarron himself.

Dockett Tweet


As before, McCarron wasn’t going to let this slide, and engaged Dockett on the matter, and as before, ended up getting the better of Dockett.

McCarron Dockett Tweet


That brings the tote board to McCarron 2, Dockett 0.  Maybe Dockett will learn his lesson this time, and leave well enough alone.  But probably not.

  • Ron Kelley

    Dockett sounds like a total dick. Let it go man you got nothin at all that she wants. Get it?

    • Hosschisom

      I believe Darnell “Court” Dockett wants to rape, Knockout, Wilding, Flash Mob the “White girl bleed alot” “The Color of Crime” Webb. Why not? Blacks rape 15000 white girls a year and how many opposite: ZERO. BTW, does Dockett want to share how his crack-adict Momma died? Murdered by her black crack dealer while Docket was hittin the glass dick at age 10. Oh, his crimes aren’t all black on white. He tried to make UF’s Earnest Graham permanently disabled while a CrimiNOLE at FSU. McCarron, remember Wichita and Knoxville and lose this typical whitey-hating gang-banger before Webb is raped and murdered.

      • Gbear42

        You are a total asshole…ur racism clearly shows you are a member of the skin head Klu Klux Klan. I want to rape and murder you!!! However before I do show I will rape you white girlfriend or wife and hope you have a young white daugther I could rape as you watch.

  • http://tbhclan.com EVILRHINO

    Dockett seems to have envy issues, but not only that he doesn’t have the wits to match with McCarron or the winning savvy. Dockett only has that ring cuz his team carried him, what a loser. Sorry Dockett looks like you have to work harder at being 2nd best than McCarron does at being #1. You suck.

  • usa77

    seems like typical downtown garbage talk. from a typical downtown garbage player. its like he is still in 3rd grade. ill beat you up because you caused me embarassment.

  • nick

    One piece of advice for both…..Grow up. Third grade is over with

  • molnya

    Dockett, you might want to get back to work. In case you hadn’t noticed, the Cardinals are going to be the NFC West’s litter box this year.

  • http://yardbarker,com citizenbill

    Dockett is so far out of his league it is not funny. He couldn’t get the girl or AJ. Give it up Dockett, you are a loser in football and with beautiful ladies. Something you know nothing about, football or ladies.

  • cris

    Dockett is a big man who acts like a little jealous girl. no way you could get AJ’s girl. even if she wasn’t with him she’d never have anything to do with your punk thug a**. just go back to the hood and find you fat hood rat that thinks your special

  • http://yardbarker.com mitchyboy

    Dockett is as smart as a box of rocks

  • http://msn Larry

    You may take the punk out of the ghetto but you”ll never get the ghetto out of the punk.

  • nick

    The funny thing is aj mccarron is never making the nfl so you better hold on to those rings tight . You are the next ken dorsey . You play on a team where any bum who can throw it ten yards could win the championship. With a whole team of nfl players.

  • glennie

    yeah; but what happens when aj doesn’t make it the pros (nfl, cfl or arena)and dockett earns more $$$ in one contract than aj will ever earn in life. don’t be surpsied if aj’s girl gets ‘jungle fever’ after college and when his earnings don’t bring her the fairy tale life an ex-pageant queen thinks she’s entitled to. they usually end up moving on to the brothers and spending the loot i.e. getting while the getting is good. dockett and so many black athletes and celebrities know this and know it’s easy to pull a white girl nowadays. that’s why he’s crackin’ on her now to see if she’s ready yet. i’m sure she’s seen the big money mark ingram, julio jones and other black bama star players got in the nfl. and when she realizes aj can’t cut the mustard in more ways then one she’ll be looking to get some of that ‘ole black magic’ in her life. but frankly imho they (dockett, kanye, tiger … etc.) can have ’em. they ain’t nothing but goldiggers and idiots sperm donors waiting for paternity suits and child support to happen to them.

  • Steve

    Clearly AJ schooled Dockett in the war of words, now Dockett who is clearly bigger and full of anger does the only thing left to do and that is to challenge the little white guy with the pretty girlfriend to a fight. It’s the only thing left that Dockett can win cause he’s lost everything else: war of words, class, respect, fans, pride etc, etc. You suck Dockett!!!