Twenty-six students from Newtown to sing ‘American the Beautiful’ before Super Bowl

Most people at home just want the pregame and all the festivities prior to kickoff at the Super Bowl just to be over. But it’s hard to say that anyone wouldn’t want to see twenty-six students and members of the faculty of Sandy Hook elementary from Newtown, CT take the field and sing ‘American the Beautiful.’

The NFL will fly the survivors of the tragic events from last month’s shooting, along with their families, for this Sunday’s Big Game. They will sing just prior to the National Anthem, which is scheduled to be sung by Alicia Keys.

Since that dark day on December 14, the teams and individual players in the NFL have been actively involved in the healing process. Teams wore stickers on their helmets, while some wore messages on their cleats and/or gloves. The New York Giants hosted several children and families in their season finale, and Victor Cruz visited the family of one of the victims, six-year-old Jack Pinto who was a huge fan of his.