49ers cornerback: No gays allowed

The most inflammatory remarks prior to the Super Bowl come from the mouth of one of the least likely of candidates. Raise your hand if you need to look up the name Chris Culliver? The 2nd year corner made shocking remarks in regards to homosexuality in the NFL when he spoke with comedian Artie Lange during media day for the Big Game.

Lange asked Culliver about the possiblity of gay player being a teammate, and Culliver gave a very honest, yet sure to be criticized response:

“I don’t do the gay guys man,” said Culliver, whose Niners play the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday. “I don’t do that. No, we don’t got no gay people on the team, they gotta get up out of here if they do.

“Can’t be with that sweet stuff. Nah…can’t be…in the locker room man. Nah.”

When quizzed by Lange whether any homosexual athletes would need to keep their sexuality a secret in football, Culliver responded: “Yeah, come out 10 years later after that.”

It’s extremely shocking that Culliver would say what he said with the spotlight so bright at this point. His comments just come a day after it was revealed that former San Francisco 49er Kwame Harris is gay. Harris was outed in a police report after a domestic dispute with his boyfriend. Culliver is sure to be questioned by the media as they continue to make their rounds, and it will be interesting to see if he retracts his comments or goes the old “out of context” route. For what it is worth, Culliver also sent out a pretty obnoxious tweet about females on Wednesday


But the question is, how much of what Culliver said is true? Do most straight males in an NFL locker room feel the same way? It’s likely that a majority do, but just won’t express the sentiment. That’s just the reality. But that doesn’t excuse the back up corner for his ridiculous and ignorant comments.

Update 6:30 pm – The San Francisco 49ers issued a statement on Wednesday in response to Culliver’s discriminating comments:

“The San Francisco 49ers reject the comments that were made yesterday, and have addressed the matter with Chris. There is no place for discrimination within our organization at any level. We have and always will proudly support the LGBT community.”

We now expect a statement from Culliver in the very near future.

Update 9:40pm: Culliver has issued an apology

“The derogatory comments I made yesterday were a reflection of thoughts in my head, but they are not how I feel. It has taken me seeing them in print to realize that they are hurtful and ugly. Those discriminating feelings are truly not in my heart. Further, I apologize to those who I have hurt and offended, and I pledge to learn and grow from this experience,”

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  • cbh49er

    He had a key interception of Ryan in the NFC Championship game a few weeks ago.

    These comments though…

    • http://thevictoryformation.com Dave K

      nobody but 9ers fans remember that was him. most remember Ryan throwing the pick.

      • cbh49er

        Jay V would not be pleased with you.

      • Etast

        He can reply however he choses. If he doesn’t like gay guys in the locker room, that’s his perogative. You numbskulls forget that we have the freedom of speech, regardless of who doesn’t like it.

        If everyone would quit trying to correct everyone else, worry about themselves, we’d all be in a better place.

        I’m not saying I agree with his point of view, but I did some horrific things while being in AF special forces, things that haunt me each day, to do my part to defend the freedoms, that so many want to take away. Most definitely those liberal California types.

        We have certain freedoms in this country, if you don’t like it, move to a country that is under dictatorship, and allows no freedoms. Then send us a post card of how you like it.

        • http://yahoo. jackie

          I agree with you. These are just words. He is not suppressing anyone’s right to learn to read, to use the same restroom, to go to the same school. Oppression is evil. Speech is free. whatever. Who cares what he “says”. He does not make the final call for anyone.

        • Lee

          No, he can’t reply however he chooses. He is a representative of an organization and needs to conduct himself, while promoting that organization, professionally. He is one player. He is not bigger than the team and no team worth their salt will tolerate such blatant discrimination. Also, if you notice, he apologized. Does he really mean the words in his apology? Probably not. Someone chewed his ass, kicked it right back in line and he released a mandated apology. You can say he’s honest all day long. I say if he believes what he originally said then he’s a sell out. Either way, I have no doubt that he walked out of the office with much less machismo than he had when he walked in it.

          • http://msn.com Adogg

            Well said Lee, I couldn’t have said it better myself.

          • Nicollette Maree Daly

            I agree with you Lee. Free speech is free to every individual but when you are representing a group, as Culliver was on media day, you need to respect that and refrain from saying something that is not indicative of the entire organization’s stance.

            I notice one of our own armed forces members defends free speech here…but tell me, are you truly free to say what you want when you are in uniform or representing the Air Force? I think not. Free speech is not an unchecked right no matter what our armed forces do to protect our rights.

          • Gilk


            I am offended by your language (@ss). I am sure you work for someone and they would not like your language on this site.

            Please apologize to me and anyone that will, could or will be told of your comment.

          • Lee


            You are correct that I do work for someone. Myself. And I have approved all content that has been posted.

            Please don’t hold your breath waiting for an apology because one will not be forthcoming. I give a lot of thought to what I say, verbally or in writing, before sharing those thoughts. If I say it, I stand behind it, unlike some people, ie. Chris Culliver.

            By the way, I find it interesting that you are offended by my use of the word ass yet have no problem with the words fag or butt bandit. That speaks volumes about the person that you are.

          • mike

            dude..lee. He was kidding.It’s called being facetious and sarcastic. How could you not see that?

          • Lee

            It’s Dudette Lee and I did consider that Gilk might be being sarcastic and/or facetious. It wasn’t clear so I responded as if he weren’t. Glad to see that you have the same feelings on this topic that I have, though. We seem to be in the minority.

        • http://yarbarker.com frank

          Totally agree with your statement. This country is forgetting that our constitution allows us to say and do the things we say and do. Agree and disagress is a part of life. Get over it, respect it. When you make a choice of what you want to be, than expect the good and bad of your choice because we are not all the same thoughts and beliefs.

          • Lee

            This is not a question of constitutional rights but the rules of the organization that employs Culliver. A person in any other profession could not walk into the office and make inflammatory comments such as these without expecting repercussions, just as Chris Culliver can’t. Being a professional athlete does not exempt you from rules of the workplace. As a matter of fact, as a public figure, he should be more cautious than a less public person with his comments.

        • Jo Daviss

          He has the right to express himself, no one is disputing that. But we have the equal right to say that he is being a bigot.

          I have the right to yell “The Confederates were a bunch of traitors” in a redneck bar in Georgia. Would that be a smart thing to do? Of course not.

        • clint shanon

          Political correctness be damned. He is free to speak his mind. If you don’t like it-boo hoo. He need not apologize for his feelings.
          Just where were the protesters when Bill Maher was calling Sarah Palin & Michelle Bachmann ‘twats’ & bimbos. But he was expressing an opinion…EXACTLY what Culiver was doing. Remember – NOT everyone approves of homosexuality…or Catholics, or Budists or the color blue or Lima beans or cats or any number of other things. We all have things we do not like. Me, well, I don’t care for Budweiser. Do I need to apologize for that?

    • Mashaun

      What happen to freedom of speech,america is with the shit. Black america had to endure racist remarks for years now the shit is wrong. Hypocrisy!

      • Mike

        When you represent an organization…you can’t go around saying what you feel. Common sense. He can say what he feels when he not representing the team. The team is bigger than him, they are his employer. Please…please try and think a little bit before posting

      • EW59

        So why the hell would you want to hold someone else down if we as black people have been held down for so long? We know it sucks and we have endured hell, why would you wish that on someone else for being different? Hypocrit.

    • Ruth

      I’m more offended by the fact that he can’t even say a grammatically
      correct sentence

      • Dhameer

        I do agree in full with you Ruth!

  • namsky

    e Chris Culliver? The 2nd year corner made shocking remarks in regards to homosexuality in the NFL when he spoke with comedian

  • http://SportsHangover.com jpmart2

    new sports blog starting up – SportsHangover.com

  • Evan

    Isn’t San Fran full of fags? It’s always shocked me that they need sports teams (besides maybe soccer) with the population of that disgusting city about as straight as a circle. Butt-bandits don’t like football. Anyway, at least the dude said the right thing.

  • http://yardbarker T. Clark

    Who really cares! When will we stop having political correctness shoved in our faces. So the guy was honest, wish he would become a politician it would be refreshing.

    • http://Yahoo Robert McGill

      What relevance does that question have to do with the Super Bowl. Whats this reporter trying to be hero or something. Come on!!

  • cabbage

    Culliver has a fan club. Who’d a thunk it?

  • Shoreapt

    Guy rips Gays and plays in San Francisco. LOL apparently he doesnt realize many of the Niner fans are gay.

    • D.A. Hawkins

      So, you took a firsthand survey? You know the exact number? Firsthand, or uh.. firstmouth experience? Did you take the survey on bended knee? Or bent over a desk? Thanks for your help Ben Dover

      • http://MSN.com JPuzzleWhiz

        Maybe you should call him Rev Odneb.
        That’s Ben Dover backwards!

  • Tim Roberts

    Why is it wrong for him to say what he feels? Now that gay people have more rights than straight people his answer has to be (to be politically correct) “sure I love a fag in the locker room and taking a shower with one”. If homos dont like what he said then do not read it. It does not matter any more that straight people are offended to turn on the TV and have their children watch 2 men kissing. That is just as offensive to straight people as what he said is to homos. God did not put Adam and Steve on this planet it is not right to some peoples beleifs but they have to deal with it (earth population 2 forever). I say they need to shut up and deal with it like WE do. At least the guy is honest

    • steve

      on behalf of steve’s everywhere i strongly protest my namr being used in your comment

      • Tim Roberts


    • Mike

      You are a special kind of stupid aren’t you? When you represent a multimillion dollar organization, you cannot go around disparaging large groups of people…the people that make them this money. We really have to explain this to you? Are you in middle school? His comments are offensive and the Niners don’t want to support offensive comments. Plain and simple. They didn’t suspend him..they just made him apologize. That’s not a big deal. Also, there is nothing in the NFL the says they follow what your dated bible says. Adam and Eve didn’t exist either…it’s all stories. So no…they don’t need to shut up. They have power over him and his contract. Again, you’re a moron.

      • Erick

        So would it viable solution be for him to add the caveat that he was only speaking for himself and that his views did not represent the 49ers?

        The military allows you freedom to speak your opinion, so long you aren’t representing the military or the US Gov’t,…

        No matter why you say he shouldn’t have said what he did, it is clear you are biased to the content of the words he spoke. The only solution in your mind is that he never say those words. In fact, I believe you wish no one would or could speak out against homosexuality because of the way you believe.

      • John Doe

        Does the $5.00 dollar footlong make your mouth water mike? Sorry I did not mean to offend your kind. Hey some people will reserve the right to beleive in the bible something clean beautiful and if everybody lived that way it would be a great place to live. You can reserve the right to beleive you can find love in a mans hairy A$$ that beleif seems dirty “poopy”. Power to the weenie and Mike.

      • Tim Roberts

        OUCH. See again WE have to deal with their beleifs. Power to the weenie Mike!!!

  • Trey

    Roy Williams is overrated. Totally overrated

  • mike

    why is the lousy comedian asking him that question?

    purposely looking for a scandal?

    many people are tired of having the gay stuff shoved down their throat and the throats of their children.

    • Derek

      “gay stuff shoved down their throat” – No pun intended, right? haha

  • Mike

    Shouldn’t be a problem since I see the Grizzlies traded him to the Raptors

  • anonymous

    He don’t got no gay people. So if I’m reading that correctly they do have gay people?

    I think his english may be a bit off.

  • A.P.

    this is so gay

    • ironybowl


  • Sa7827

    Thanks Chris for being honest wish more players had the guts to not be politically correct . I’m sure 99% of the players feel the same way . For the people who think its ok or normal to be gay it is not. It is not that I or most straight people hate them it is they should hide it because it does make people uncomfortable . I think it would really be uncomfortable in the locker room .

    • Mike

      I guarantee you’re wrong about your made up stat. Wrong to be gay? what year are you living in? 1000’s of species are show homosexuality. That sounds normal to me and others with common sense. Keep your head buried in your bible, idiot.

  • Trey

    Dear Commenters,

    Free speech (or the 1st Amendment) goes to the government restricting what one can say.

    NOT a private entity (i.e. – The 49ers telling Culliver to shut up about his opinion)

    And it most certainly doesn’t mean someone can’t have an adverse opinion to (and by the same token berate) what one said.

  • Mexoplex

    how you going to live and play in SAN FRANCISCO of all places and say something like that?! He’s going to get it from all sides now.

  • chas6969

    1st off, he’s a back up. 2nd, yes, he has free speech on his side.3rd, he is an insensitive butthead.4th, he may be closeted himself, he who criees the loudest usually is what he complains about. to give this idiot playtime is just stupid.5th,gay people have rights,too. i have gay friends and you know what? i have no problems with any of them,at all.their inclinations are theirs. they don’t come on to me or anyone else.they are respectful of my feelings. they are normal people. the only difference is their sexual sides.6th, this guy is so insecure, i can’t see why he is so closeminded. todays society, demands better of all of us. times are changing for the better,yet we still see dinosaurs like him.GO BILLS!!

  • http://packermadness.has.it Michael

    Who cares how he answered? That’s just the BULLSHIT reporters trying to find something wrong, just to talk about it cause it’s the SuperBowl.

  • http://Yardbarker Bob

    The funniest thing about all this: Read closely the languange in Culliver’s Tweet. After you’ve done that, read the language in “Culliver’s” apology. Now try to tell me that Culliver spoke and wrote that apology himself!!! RIGHT!!

    • Kat

      My thoughts exactly, he had some major grammer lessons or someone wrote the apology for him.. you make the call.

  • Desiree

    If the gays and their organization and supporters can speak their mind then he has a right to speak up for what he believes in I enjoy hearing public figures speak against something so wrong we need more people like him to be our voice. Gays in football or in general are wrong.

  • Jim

    This guys makes millions$$ to play football. He should take some of that $$ and consult with an English teacher before he opens his mouth. Although he is allowed his opinion, it sure as hell is not an educated one’

  • Mike J

    Good for Culliver ! he is entitled to his opinion…..were stil free so far,but Obama is working on that daily.

    People have a right to be gay….the flip side is Culliver and I have the right to disagree with homosexuality…..deal with that. Liberals are only liberal if you agree with them. Stop it or the censorship you push will surely consume you as well.

    • http://thevictoryformation.com frank

      Mike J. You are right on… What is right and what is wrong start at home. Not the government.

  • Mike Adams

    Good lord I hate when people say that is his apology. No. That is an apology written by his or the NFL’s P.R. department and given to him to say/read/type. Look at how he talks, how he acted in the interview, and how he spells, there is NO way this was his actual apology. I hate when people hear this and just say ‘Oh, he is personally sorry and apologized so it’s ok’. No. He hasn’t changed his mind or anything. All that happened was that a P.R. rep told him he could lose out on future money or publicity because of this. He’s still a gay-bashing homophobe, whether he ‘apologizes’ or not.

    • http://thevictoryformation.com Frank

      Mike Adams.. Have a question and I want to make sure I understand your belief. If a person disagree with the gay life style, they are gay-bashing homophobe?

      • cabbage

        I think the word he was looking for was Republican.

        /goes out to fill gasoline can.

        • Republican

          Brilliant cabbage! Brilliant! I for one am a Republican. I am also a retired football player (not star, just player) I am not gay nor does the gay lifestyle bother me. I raise my children by my families beliefs. We are not bible thumping nor church going people….Please don’t lump me or my family in with your BRILLIANT Republican ideals…The only reason I am probably Republican other than a centrist is the gun leaning on my right side

          • cabbage

            It’s OK to have a gun leaning on your left side, too.
            You seem to be able to string together rational, coherent thoughts. Please visit more often.

  • Graham

    So because he has an opinion on gays that you don’t agree with his freedom of speech should be limited and he should not be allowed to say what he said? “Doesn’t excuse him…” He doesn’t need to be excused he has every right to express his views freely without having to be harassed into make some kind of bullshit apology. He DOES feel that way and so the hell what? Some people are uncomfortable with their sexuality and he naturally feels threatened by the idea of a man being attracted to him and ogling him naked or maybe going home and masturbating about him. Is there a certain level of ignorance in his comment? Undoubtedly! But the biggest most ignorant thing about this is that people refuse to grow the hell up and either laugh off a stupid comment like this or, how bout this, instead of fostering a society of fake forced apologies we foster a society where idiots like that don’t have our respect and we try to teach them better if possible. No instead lets whine like babies and attack and insult someone’s intelligence or ignorance from up on our high horses while allowing our freedom’s of speech and expression to be violated. I have no problem with gay teammates or family members. They don’t need to be protected from someone’s views or words but we all need our ability to express ourselves defended.

  • Bob Thompson

    When asked the question, he should have just said “I cannot really comment on that” and if the reporter started pressing him, he should have just repeated the statement. Sort of like taking the 5th in this politically correct world.

    • cabbage

      If people stopped acting stupid and saying asinine things, what the hell would would we need the internet for? Oh wait, I forgot about free porn. Nevermind.

  • lynn

    Look, what he has said was hurtful to homosexuals, but this is a mean world. I am a fat person and I have gotten mistreatment since I was 4 (when I first realized that others disliked me for my size). It is hard to bear but I do it daily. I am not gay, but I know it sounds rough (folks negative comments). Some people do not get that everything that they feel they shouldn’t say out loud. That is where we have to realize that we have to grow thick skin and move on. People say that I bring my mistreatment on myself. That is not so. People who choose to voice their feelings do that and I HAVE to decide how to react. I am sure that his team has given him the onceover. We should do the better and let go. It only keeps him in the limelight for all the wrong reasons. It is left up to homosexuals how far they will let another person limit their lives. I let others destroy me mentally with comments and have paid a lifetime in solitude and regret.

  • Captnmorgan1000

    The question sounded like it was loaded. Wy would this funny guy Lange ask a personal question like that? I think he wanted to find out how much he could get away with. Maybe try to put a move on Chris?I’m sure Chris Cullivers path to where he is today has led him to a lot of locker rooms where there were gays all the time, he just chose to ignore the obvious. Just as we all do from time to time or all the time.Culliver was taken advantage of and didn’t think to say ” no comment”. I think bad news or controversial news for big mouth liberal media types and funny guys. They feed on it for ratings. It doesn’t matter who they hurt or who’s character they destroy. Ever think maybe Lange is gay? What was his angle for asking the question?

  • A.P.

    I knew a couple of gay guys who worked out at the gym I went to for a year. Everybody knew them and the guys never tried anything unseemly in the locker room. It’s just stupidity and ignorance that run wild.

    • Lee

      I have worked with several lesbians over my career. In my opinion, just as I don’t believe every man I meet is attracted to me, nor do I believe every lesbian is. One did make me a bit uncomfortable because of her actions but no more so than a man who would have done the same. Heterosexual people who believe that every gay man or lesbian is looking to hook up with them are arrogant fools who must believe no one can resist their charms.

  • metalbuoy

    Am i the only one whos sick of gays? really….its not all about you…i want marijuana legalized, but all we talk about in this stupid amorica 2013 is fags and guns….sick of all you

  • http://Msn tom fitz

    Where did he go to school? I don’t think he realizes that he is saying that they do have gays on the team. “We don’t got no,” That means you do……

  • highcountry71

    I think it’s only fair that if gays are to be allowed in the locker rooms, then I should be able to share the womens locker room. Especially the showers! Whats the difference? The real tragesty here is that we taxpayers probably sent this fool to college for 4 years and he still can’t speak english. Hope when I get done shelling out 80k for my son to get an education he does better than the guy who got the free one just cuz he an athelete.



  • Lee

    As much as it pained him to have that apology written and released on his behalf, he knows that he can’t say whatever he chooses. If he gets it,
    I don’t understand why you can’t. Rules of the workplace….