Brian Scalabrine destroys scrubs one-on-one


Photo Credit: Justin Opiechowski/98.5 The Sports Hub

For some odd reason, people foolishly believed they could beat Brian Scalabrine one-on-one. Ya know, because he was the goofy white guy that sat at the end of the bench during this NBA career. If you remember, we told you about Scalabrine offering a challenge in Boston about month ago anyone who wanted to play him, with the intention of completely obliterating them once he got them on the court.

Toucher & Rich of Boston’s 98.5, sponsored the event which was naturally called ‘the Scallenge.’ Based upon tryout videos, they picked 4 of the better ‘ballers’ from the area to challenge White Mamba.

Let’s just say, none of these cats had a chance once they took the floor with retired ‘human victory cigar.’ Scalabrine punked all them, defeating them by a combined score of 44-6. It was effortless on his part, even though it was a thorough domination. Check out some of the video below. It’s not exciting, but it shows the ease that Scalabrine had. He pitched two shutouts.

I just don’t think fans grab the concept of just how good NBA players are, even the ones that really don’t get too much burn. Scalabrine was playing against Kevin Garnett, Kenyon Martin, Carlos Boozer or Joakim Noah every single day of his career. Yes, he wasn’t a star, but he was still among some of the best basketball players in the entire world. There is a damn good reason he was making a living for 11-years in the NBA.

No word if Scalabrine is ready to take his one-on-one success and challenge some dude who says nobody can beat him.

  • cycledan

    Hey, Mich St. just won but Wisconsin couldn’t hit a free throw at the end of the game.

    • Dave K

      Yeah. Ugly win, but a win at Wisky. I will take it