Johnny Manziel being told by Texas A&M to grow up

johnny-moneyIt sounds like someone on the College Station campus was listening to Mike Stoops last week when he made comments about the character and judgement of Texas A&M and Heisman Trophy winning QB, Johnny Manziel.

Athletic Director for A&M, Eric Hyman, had a sitdown with Manzeil’s parents to discuss the star’s recent behavior and what is expected of him, now that he is in the limelight.

“I told them he’s no longer a freshman, and he’s no longer a sophomore, junior or senior,” Hyman said Sunday. “He is a ‘Heisman.’”

“It’s (about) education, and we’ve got to help the family and Johnny with the transition into being a Heisman award winner,” Hyman said. “There are things you have to learn, and we have to help him with that.”

“That’s a special fraternity, but you also have to understand (Manziel) is 20 years old,” Hyman said. “It’s a tremendous responsibility — but it is a responsibility.”

The conversation between the AD and the Manziels took place just one day after TMZ reported about their son partying in a Oklahoma casino, so it happened before Stoops made his personal assessment of the kid. Manziel also had posted a picture of himself fanning large bills of money. While gambling in of itself is socially acceptable, there are some concerned with the perception that is out there about the 20 year old. He was also arrested last summer, just adding to the play hard party harder stigma that is starting to surround him.

It is probably wise for A&M to put it out there publicly that they are attempting to curb the public perception of Manziel. It makes them look good, and involved from he outset, rather than pandering to him. But at the same time, they cannot expect Manziel to suddenly turn off who he is.

No word if the parents spoke to little Johnny Football since getting called into the principal’s AD’s office.


  • John

    Man, let the kid live his life. Fucking college football programs only care about winning and never care about the kids.

    • B

      No kidding – they are only worried about themselves & winning (ie money)… Let the kid have some fun

      • Beau

        Sounds like both of you need to grow up a little yourselves.

        • AlMark1

          Beau or Bo or boo just stop, you who says grow up….

        • mks

          Likely your reply will go over the heads/understanding of these rednecks who believe “let the kid have fun” is first and foremost in life. Responsibility is first and foremost…”fun” then comes at a lesser expense.

        • rn506

          Young guys need to have fun when they are young, will make you a better rounded person as you grow.

        • T. Richardson

          Sounds like you are hating on the kid for having fun, out of all the money he made that school in 1 year when does he get to be or do him? The Dean and the coach gets to party at the schools expense, when should he? After he’s made them millions?

    • bill

      Let him live his life? He has been photographed on multiple occasions breaking laws. Not school rules, LAWS. He was photographed in a 21 and up club (he is not 21, so either he bribed someone or he used another fake id) popping champagne. He is not old enough to drink, and while yes, it did not show him drinking, I dont see many people opening that unless they plan of drinking it. This is about him being held accountable, I didnt read one thing about their football program in that article.

      • Adam JM

        His parents were with him. In Texas, he did nothing illegal.

        • PoisonZO

          In Texas if your parents are with you they can allow you to drink under 21.

          • myredc6

            He did not do any drinking. The only photo was of him holding a bottle and that is very legal.

    • J. Galt

      A&M is smart to distance themselves a bit from this kid cuz they know he is a train wreck waiting to happen, but at the same time if he is smart he will listen to them. Endorsements can bring him a ton of cash and when you are in a sport that can cripple you in 1 play, endorsements and a good education ARE important. He can have a hell of alot more fun the rest of his life if he plays it smart now and stops being ‘Johnny Goofball’.

    • Luke

      You’re right, encouraging him, a brand new celebrity, to take care how he conducts himself in the public eye so he doesn’t make a fool of himself, tarnish his reputation, or even LOSE his status and harm his future. Those guys are just fun-haters.

    • Kyle

      As a football player, you carry the image of a school, and a whole lot of people go to Texas A&M. Who wants some kid, yes, he is good, that has the attitude and the temperament of a Chihuahua.

      The dude has already been to jail, and now he is looking like he has the mindset of a thug showing us how much money he is going to be making. My family owns a number of oil wells, owns a private contractor company, and a few other assorted businesses. You don’t see us flashing our green all over the place. We understand that it can be taken from us in a MOMENT. Everything, remember that Manziel, can be taken from you in a moments notice.

      Nothing is your own. God has given you the ability to wake up this morning, put gas into your vehicle, clean yourself, and feed yourself. Your energy is borrowed time. Use it well because money isnt going with you when you die.

  • Beau

    Maybe there’s a good reason that a freshman has never won the Heisman.

    • kris

      Exactly Beau…they should also consider what the candidate has done on and off the field. Heisman used to be a distiguished award…letting a freshman win that honor is ruining college football for me.

      • BCS Blows

        stupid comment by Kris. He was the best player period. You know what is ruining football for me? Dupes who believed that Notre Dame was anything more than a pretender that would have lost a quarterfinal game in a playoff.

      • Connie

        I agree 100% on letting a freshman win the H-trophy. He proved nothing to nobody in 4 months of play. Yeah, he was good, but he still didn’t have a best of a winning season. They did lose games. He only won the trophy because of the hyped of media of him. Colin had 1 loss, but led his team in not only on the field but off. To me, he was the best choice because of his past and present on field playing. The media gave that trophty to Johnny just because he was a freshman. So what…….I bet he falls on his ass next year. Nobody wants to play with a player that thinks he is above everyone else. He will fail, and fall bad.

    • Kevin

      He is a Sophomore… He is in his second year of college. Come on people maybe you should have gone to college yourselves.

  • Bridget Elliott

    As my 13 yr. old daughter said when playing softball and her team went ahead against a higher level team. “Act like you’ve been there”

    • Dick Nuggets

      Bridget, don’t you have dishes to get to?

      • Marty

        Dick Nuggest, don’t you have some squirrels to skin for supper?

      • I’m all ears

        Ummmm let me check with my kids for a quote to share with you all…….
        They said “If you don’t eat your meat, how can you have any pudding. How can you have any pudding if you don’t eat your meat?”

        Well-said if I don’t say so myself…

    • Interested skeptic

      Your 13 year old daughter is Vince Lombardi?

  • AlMark1

    Are you serious? Am I missing something here, he is 20 yrs old why & the hell are they talking to his parents. Idiots, he’s freakin JOHNNY FOOSEBALL. I like the way their talkin to you Chip!

  • Vinny the Nose

    Let the kid gamble. We are always looking for kids with gambling debts that we can flip and use to cover point spreads.

    • Desk Pop

      Haha! Good one Vinny..

  • Charles

    curb, surely you meant curb.

  • loveace

    he has come along way fast and if actions turn to trouble all the success that Texas A&M had this year could be diminished quickly and possible NCAA violations could set the program back. TONE IT DOWN!!!!

  • Roll Tide Grad

    Let him do what he wants, we don’t care, we’re still better, and still won for the 2nd year out of the past 3.

    • Debbie

      Actually, Roll Tide Grad, we won 3 out of 4 years!

      • Texas T Bag

        But you still lost to Johnny Football. Thanks for welcoming us to the SEC.

      • Bobby

        We? What postitions do you two play on the team?

    • Moby

      Only reason bama won is cause they didn’t play A7M again and get their ass kicked again ..real playoffs would have been different ..

      • cabbage

        As a Bama fan I agree that a rematch would have been the best possible final game. Unfortunately the frauds from South Bend were undefeated and there was no way folks outside of the SEC were going to put up with a rematch again. I love having aTm in the SEC, unfortunately the entered 1 year early. Aggies would have gone undefeated in the Big 12 this year.

        Johnny Football, aka Johnny Heisman can flat out play. He’s young, he’s maybe gone a little overboard in the post season, but I think he’s a good kid and I expect Sumlin will put a boot in his ass hard enough to get his attention and bring back under control.

  • Dick Bgnutts

    Regarding the sit down with Johnny Football and his parents, I have no problem with that you are representing your family,coaching staff, school, city, Heisman and more importantly you have to remember their are 1,000’s of athletes who would give anything to be in your shoes. Your 20 yrs old so what your in a mans world now college football is buisness just like the pros so act like an adult and be a leader not a follower. You won the Heisman now act like you deserve to have won it and knock off the bs, you can do all of that when your done playing the game for good. Have fun enjoy every minute of it but always remeber someon is watching you and many people want to see others fail no matter what the circumstance or situation is. My oldest son is a freshman tight end at a SEC school so I understand this situation however remember even a Heisman Trophy winner can be replaced or let go if he is to much a distraction and liability to a program.


      I like what they did hopefully nip things in the bud before it got out of control and potentially robbed a young man of his future. If he is wise he will listen to them ,his parents and others and behave like a young man in his position should should and have a long happy life in FB otherwise he could quickly become a one year wonder


      I agree he is a young man in college with a lot of temptations out there and if he is wise he will listen to u officials, his parents ,and others and behaves himself he can be remembered as a great player at least in college the rest of his life if not he may be remembered as a “one Hit wonder” who crashed and burned at a early age

  • John

    While it is an honor, the KID needs to be a college KID/man as well. So he’s out gambling, which is legal, so he’s having fun…the WORSE thing you can do is deny him the entire experience of what college life is all about. I haven’t seen any reports of drug use or sexual indescretions. Let him live a little.

  • Howard Gulick

    Yeah, I believe folks said that Art Schliester (Ohio State) should be allowd to have a little fun. I think he’s still in prison. Let Johnny Football hold off on the casinos until he has his NFL contract.

    • Kay

      Art Schliester can add “inmate” and “convicted felon” after his name–what a waste of talent. Johnny Football can either stay out of trouble and make a good career for himself or fall down and become the next Schliester (or become a complete train wreck and become the Lindsey Lohan of football).

  • http://P8L3 Michael

    The cow may already be out of the barn. Who paid for those courtside NBA tickets Johnny Football got? And if he was paid for his TV appearances, that’s a violation too. When most, but not all, Heisman winners, get this kinda of stuff their eligibility is done and over with. My son too plays for a D1 Big East school and my boss, an alum, can’t take both of us to dinner because it’s an NCAA violation. The rules should apply to everyone.

    • RockyZ

      His parents are wealthy and bought the NBA tickets for him for his birthday.

  • inoevrythng

    Hey! Johnny. Have fun. Just don’t break laws & stay with in reason. All ya gotta do man is put the camera away.

  • http://xxxxxxxxxx Spirit

    He’s a little more mature than most 20 years old. I’d rather see a beer and deck of cards in their hand than tatoos or a hole in their ear lobe.
    Probally have a time convincing a 20 year old in Iran that he can shoot someone, but don’t touch that beer.
    The media maks a big deal out of everything.

  • Ethan

    If Manziel didn’t win the Heisman, this wouldn’t even be a discussion. If you can honestly tell me that not a single Heisman winner hasn’t partied, drank underage, or gambled a little bit, then you are extremely naive. Yes, this award is very prestigious, but it’s for the best FOOTBALL PLAYER IN COLLEGE FOOTBALL, which he was. I admit he needs to not be stupid and post pictures of himself, but if it wasn’t him doing it, then someone else would. Give the guy a break, he’s been training and prepping his whole life for football and there are other things in life that when he’s done for good with the game, he’ll be too old to do.

  • Michael

    There should not even be a discussion here. Is he 12 or 20??? Man up. it is time to begin to mature into the man you want to be!!!

  • Concerned for America

    Johnny should follow the example set by Tim Tebow who won the award as a sophomore. Winning the Heisman is an honor. However with that honor comes responsibility. People join the military at the same age and go to war and they have to grow up fast or they will not survived. Johnny has to grow up and grow up fast! Johnny you are held to a higher standard because you are considered a leader. America needs leaders with integrity who will do the right thing when no one is looking. Only time will determine how you handle the pressure. Jesus is the answer.

    • Jim

      If Jesus is the answer what was the question?
      You only live once have fun while doing it Johnny.

  • Sprockethead

    Nobody is telling him not to be young and have fun.

    The school just asked him to be cognizant of the fact that he’s a Heisman award winner now, he plays on a TEAM representing Texas A&M, he’s looked up to as a leader, etc. With all of that comes responsibility. Yeah, he may need to dial it back a notch or two. He doesn’t have to completely change his stripes or pretend to be someone else – he just needs to remember what and who he now represents, and remember his actions are a reflestion on more than just himself.

    And if he doesn’t want to abide by that, then there will be consequences.

  • jamminjdc1

    Has anyone of you on here ever been a young dude before? C’mom man, the guy is 20 years old, and I’m sure he partied a bit before college,…majority of us have. Yes, he is a heisman, yes, he is being watched and scrutinized, but he’s freakin 20 years old!! As far as I can see, he is handling it better than most of us would have at 20. Secondly, he is an adult. It is his choice in what he does and nobody else. If he wants to act a fool, than that will be his problem. I say good on ya man, be young just be smarter and a little more careful on your pictures. It’s funny to me how so many whom never stood a chance in becoming a heisman or even played college ball can offer such knowledgable opinions.

  • jbn

    It’s OK for A&M AD to get involved, the school is paying for his education and semi-pro career. Auburn hopfuly learned from their Cam Newton championship, they have gone striaght down since. A&M can avoid an embrassement by stepping in now. Questions: Why did UT not want Manziel and how did A&M get him away from Oregon?

  • sports medic

    Johnny Frontrunner shouldn’t be sporting the Miami Heat gear growing up so close to San Antonio.

  • jsports

    good one sports medic SA is just around the corner, and doesn’t the guy in the picture next to him holding money look like the killer from ARUBA?

  • Rick Miner

    He’ll be ok. I don’t know what Stoops said, but I hoped he checked the NormanPD booking log before he said anything.
    JM needs to ditch the Bulls hat though.

  • Evan

    Heard of Ryan Leaf?

  • MIKE

    order a bigger hat size, his head is getting or gotten way big. i hope he enjoy’s it nowso when he falls on his face next season it will hurt him a lot more. i guess the casino took care of him, a little cash now and a favor later.

  • glen

    johnny -U thats what said watching you play. you might as well get you the black high top shoes to wear cause you johnny -U-NITE-US. just remenber you have step into great responcibility. you and spiderman got something in common.

  • MEL

    why is it every idiot has to let everyone know what they are doing. whatever happened to keeping it on the down low. what does he do? a kid flashing 10grand in a casino who happens to play collage football and suppose to represent class and dignity. but nowadays everything is “look at me and i want everyone to know what i’m doing”. and being with his parents make it worst. his old man should have told him not to post that picture. i guess they all want the 15 min. of fame.

  • cycledan

    What the hell. You are only young once, enjoy it. (Said as a father of a senior in HS and one in college). I don’t know much about him other than watching him play QB on TV but man is that guy talented and entertaining to watch.

  • Texan in CA

    It’s not the fact that he was in a casino (although not sure I ever heard of the Texas law allowing under 21 to gamble, lived in San Antonio for 12 years, actually say him play the Boerne Greyhounds when he was a sophomore at Tivyt) it’s the fact he flashed the cash and posted it. Casino’s are bad news for “amateur” athletes especially for a school like A&M that has a history of issues with alumni. Remember they were very close to getting the death penalty back in the old Southwest Conf. days….He needs to have fun but not on Facebook…..

  • Lee

    Had he been a student at Miami, they would be calling for death penalty to the program. An investigation into gambling? Possible underage drinking? Where that money come from? But hey, no worry. He is not at UM. I do caution though. The NCAA is on a tear.