AJ McCarron will have none of you twitter stalking his girlfriend

McCarronWebbDuring the BCS Championship Game, Brent Musberger and the producers of the game did what they do best during blowouts, drooling over attractive women in the stands. The object of their creepy affection this time was the girlfriend of Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron and Miss Alabama, Katherine Webb. Of course, the internet did what the internet does whenever there’s an attractive woman on tv, it exploded. Even Arizona Cardinals defensive end Darnell Dockett got in on the action, and took the opportunity to ask Webb out on what sounds like the world’s worst first date.








After McCarron was finished putting the wood to Notre Dame to win a second consecutive championship, he took a moment to do a little relationship maintenance, and stake his claim.



Didn’t end there. Georgia QB Aaron Murray tweeted at Miss Alabama as well, and AJ responded brilliantly.

Well done, AJ.

  • cabbage

    Before the game Ms. Webb had 500 followers on twitter, by the time the game was over the number had passed 10,000.

  • cabbage

    Some last thoughts about last night’s game. The weakness of the Bama defense all season has been the inability of the safties to cover the deep middle. Cannot figure out why ND never attack that area of the field. Instead of lining up Eifert on the outside to go against Milner, I expected them to move him into the slot and go against the safety or nickle back. Sunseri didn’t even get on the field vs Georgia, as Bama played with 5 CB’s all day against Aaron Murray.

    I also didn’t understand why on 4th and 5 you send all 3 receivers on streaks straight down the field. Just didn’t make sense to me.

    Very disappointed in Te’o. I always thought he looked small in the few games I saw him play in, but figured with all the hype I was just missing something. He might make it as a safety in pro ball, but no way he can play LB. He is just too small to shed blockers.

    And that vaunted front 7 of ND, total frauds. Barrett Jones played the game on a broken foot (surgery Wednesday) and Bama still averaged over 7 yards a carry vs 8 in the box. Bama is not Purdue, Boston College, or Pittsburgh.

    The Bama fan in me enjoyed winning. The Irish Protestant (my mother was a Kelley) in me really enjoyed beating the crap out of ND. While my Bama friends are wearing their Crimson and White, I’m proudly wearing Orange today.

  • angrymominga

    Whats with all the HATE on AJ? For goodness sake, GROW UP already! It was funny the first few tweets, but cmon leave the guy alone and stop HATING! The guy has the talent, the girl AND THE RINGS so he has absolutely NOTHING to prove to you little piss ants who cant handle HIS success and that pretty little honey pot just reaaaaaaaaaally gets to you little boys doesnt it? SMH