Judas Chipscariot

1.5.13 chip

Now the Feast of Uneven Ball drew near, which is called Turnover.  And the Nike priest and his scribes were seeking how to put the Son of the football gods to death, for they feared the people. Then hully gully Satan entered into Judas called Chipscariot, who was of the number of the twelve.  He went away and conferred with the Nike priest how he might betray the son of the Son of the football gods to them.  And they were glad, and agreed to give him money.

I’m just kidding, not really all that pissed that he’s not coming to Cleveland…I was excited, but there’s no guarantee his offense would’ve worked.  Regardless, still wanted McDaniels more, even if Chip agreed.  Think McDaniels can still be a good head coach as long as he doesn’t have personnel control like he did in Denver.

  • http://www.thevictoryformation.com Big D

    I still think Cleveland’s getting Tressel. I think you’ll be OK with that.

  • cabbage

    Wait, wait, I thought Saban was going to the Browns.

    If Chip doesn’t go pro, does that mean the NCAA isn’t going to drop the banhammer?

  • Will Muschamp is the Next Nick Saban

    Spencer, You want another product of Belichick?!

    Nevermind the fact that he ran the team into the ground and probably was just as responsible for pushing the team out of the Cleve back in the mid 90s.

    Nevermind that his diabetes friendly defensive coordinator spent more time testing his blood-stool ratio than he won.

    Never mind that his Man-genius was too busy making an a-hole of himself to spend a minute getting along with anyone.

    4th Time is a charm, right? The reverse Belichick (seeing as the guy has avoided his 4th straight ring for the 7th straight year )

    Good luck with Brandon Weeden.



    • spencer096

      past performance is not always an indicator of future results.

      i want the coordinator who’d still be one of the youngest coaches in the league. a guy who knows how to tailor his offense to his personnel. a guy who realized the mistakes he made the first time around, who won’t be given more respnsibility than he should, who would actually has an organizational structure in place this time around.

      hey, it’s prognostication…we can both tailor our arguments to fit our hopeful outcome, but considering who else is out there, im not sure there’s any better of a candidate.

      also, ive actually watched weeden this year, and i know you haven’t. he was a rookie who had some great flashes. he’s not a lost cause, unless of course you’re just tossing out your typical sports-radio-caller garbage, as per usual.

  • Will Muschamp is the Next Nick Saban

    Not 4th straight, just 4th ring…

  • Will Muschamp is the Next Nick Saban

    Anything Belichick has touched has actually been worse for Cleveland than Chinese labor.

    • http://thevictoryformation.com Dave K


    • http://www.thevictoryformation.com Big D

      Early candidate for “Comment of the Year” honors…

  • Jen

    I am glad Chippy pulled the proverbial mind-change and isn’t going to coach the Fudgies. His supposed quick offense will get figured out halfway through his first year as coach, and we’d end up 6-10 or worse again and the knucklehead fans in this town will be calling for his head and I’d have to list to their dumbass comments on the radio.