Now available – the John Daly

If you’ve ever gone out to a business lunch, you are familiar with the Arnie Palmer; that tasty, tasty drink of iced tea and lemonade (raspberry lemonade makes it that much better). Some savvy bartenders soon started making an alcoholic (and therefore non-business lunch friendly) version of the drink which was soon dubbed the John Daly. A name that, when you think about it, makes perfect sense.

The description and name of the drink soon spread across the land, and into Long John’s in box. Problem is, Daly was not a fan of establishments (and makers of sweet tea vodka) trading on his good name. Now this has all changed. Daly has released his own branded John Daly malt beverage, available in three flavors, but only in Arizona and California (for now). Say what you will about Daly the golfer, buy Daly the businessman has done pretty well for himself.

Have to say, this is the most non-obtrusive Daly offering in quite sometime.

H/T Bunker Mentality

  • arkbadger

    what’s even better is he doesn’t drink anymore, and hasn’t for 2-3 years so he says.

    a damn shame they aren’t selling these in Arkansas though. not that I would buy them, but still.