Happy Hour – NFL Playoff Picture

Just two weeks are left in the 2012 NFL season, and plenty is still undecided. Homefield advantage throughout the playoffs has yet to be clinched in either conference, the NFC has six teams battling for three playoff spots, while in the AFC, three teams are fighting for two spots. The picture should become a little clearer after this weekend. Although with the NFL, you always have to expect the unexpected. This is how I see things shaking out over the next few weeks when the dust settles on December 30th.


1. Atlanta 13-3

2. San Francisco 12-3-1

3. Green Bay 11-5

4. Washington 10-6

5. Seattle 10-6

6. Minnesota 9-7

Just missing out: Chicago 9-7, Dallas 9-7, New York Giants 9-7


1. Houston 13-3

2. Denver 13-3

3. New England 12-4

4. Baltimore 10-6

5. Indianapolis 11-5

6. Pittsburgh 9-7

Just missing out: Cincinnati 9-7


College Basketball – Top 25

Elon (6-4) at #1 Duke (10-0), ESPNU, 7:00 PM ET. Must see game!

Eastern Michigan (6-3) at #2 Michigan (11-0), Big Ten Network, 8:30 PM ET.



Oklahoma City (21-4) at Minnesota (12-11), TNT, 7:00 PM ET. Thunder aren’t missing a beat without James Harden.

Miami (16-6) at Dallas (12-13), TNT, 9:30 PM ET.

Denver (14-12) at Portland (11-12), 10:00 PM ET.


2 thoughts on “Happy Hour – NFL Playoff Picture

  1. As long as we are picking. I say SF over Skins and Denver over NE with SF winning it all.

    I like all of that, except watching the Niners play the Skins would be hard for me.

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