Happy Hour – CIN/PHI Prediction

Cincinnati (7-6) at Philadelphia (4-9), Cincinnati favored by 4 1/2

The Bengals missed a huge opportunity to take control of their destiny in capturing a playoff spot when they blew a nine point lead at home to the Cowboys. With both the Ravens and Steelers losing, a Bengals win would have meant not only holding the final playoff spot but also been right there with Baltimore for the AFC North crown. They proved that while they are getting better, they still can’t win the games they should win when the pressure is on. They have a chance to rectify that tonight at Philadelphia. The Eagles finally got off the schneid, shocking the Bucs and ending their eight game losing streak. Nick Foles played his best game since taking over for Michael Vick and the Eagles showed that they aren’t ready to roll over and quit. Tonight, the Eagles will attempt to end their four game home losing streak and put a huge dent in the Bengals playoff hopes. They will once again be without LaSean McCoy, DeSean Jackson, and now Brent Celek. Their offensive line is also banged up and that is where the Bengals can dominate. I expect Foles to be running for his life most of the night, avoiding the pressure of Geno Atkins and Michael Johnson. The Eagles are a turnover prone team and the Bengals have the players to exploit that. They also have the offense to make some plays on the Eagles woeful defense, and after a quiet week last week, I think A.J. Green will shine.

Prediction: Cincinnati 24, Philadelphia 17


Cincinnati (7-6) at Philadelphia (4-9), NFL Network, 8:20 PM ET.

College Basketball – Top 25

#23 Wichita State (9-0) at Tennessee (4-3), 7:00 PM ET. Jay V vs. Miz

La Verne at #20 UNLV (7-1), 10:00 PM ET. La Verne Lundquist?


Charlotte (7-14) at Atlanta (13-6), 7:30 PM ET. After a quick start the Bobcats remembered they suck.

Los Angeles Lakers (9-13) at New York (16-5), TNT, 8:00 PM ET. The 2003 Lakers started 11-19 and ended up winning 50 games.

San Antonio (18-5) at Portland (9-12), TNT, 10:30 PM ET.


  • cabbage

    Rutgers b-ball coach suspended 3 games and fined 50 grand. Somebody said the magic word. Kind of a reverse You Bet Your Life*

    * Black and White TV show with Groucho Marx

  • cycledan

    Wonder what Coach Rice said. Bad day for Rice’s with the other Rice withdrawing her name for Secretary of State.

    Also Knicks all over LA. Nice to see the Knicks beating up LA.

  • cabbage

    I’d bet all of Big D’s money on the N word.