People really think what Caroline Wozniack did was racist?

Saturday Night Live makes fun of someone, regardless of race or ethnicity, everyone laughs and thinks it is such an honor to be parodied. Another athlete does the same thing, and it is careless and racist. Truth be told, Eddie Murphy going undercover as a white guy and receiving preferential treatment was one of the funniest sketches of all-time. And if what Caroline Wozniacki did by stuffing her shirt and skirt to look like Serena Williams is being deemed racist, than that old Eddie Murphy skit is right up there with anything KKK can put together.

Just in case you missed it, Wozniacki had a little fun at the expense of Serena, by “impersonating” the great women’s tennis champ, by accentuating her breasts and butt. This took place at an exhibition against Maria Sharapova in Brazil. Where I don’t find it necessarily funny, I can understand why some would. Serena has huge breats and a ridonkulous behind. But to some, this was racist. I don’t see the racism, I cannot wrap my head around it, but some are sticking by it.

For what it is worth, they’re people you and I don’t know, so they may just be looking to grab a bit of attention from this. Do black women typically have better curves than white women? I think we have enough evidence to prove that to be the case. However, Jennifer Lopez has a huge butt, and she is of another race that isn’t black. And I will point to Mad Men’s Christina Hendrick’s to prove that white women can posses such traits. This wasn’t Wozniack making fun of a random black woman, or black women in general. It was her teasing Serena Williams. Williams herself has often made fun of her own body, and the complications that come with finding clothing.

This is ultimately a non-story, but seeing those claiming this to be racism caught this bloggers eye, and I felt it necessary to rant.


  • cbh49er

    As someone married to a white woman with ass, my verdict is not racist.

  • Sportmentary

    Definitely not racist.

  • cabbage

    If she came out in black face that would be racist. This was just a poor attempt at humor.

  • Andre Wright

    I dont think its racist, but I find it tasteless and stupid. Just a immature girl having fun. You have to ignore dumb people and move on like Caroline. If she put much effort into tennis like Serena does, then maybe she would win a major.