RG3Woman is a ‘superhero’ in DC

The Washington Redskins fans love Robert Griffin III. Even when he fumbled and the ball took a lucky bounce into the arms of Josh Morgan, the fans chanted his name as if he meant to do it. But nobody expresses their love and appreciation for RG3 like 26-year-old Skins fan, Lauren Bacon. Or as she is better known as, RG3Woman.

Lauren doesn’t possess any real superpowers, except the ability to have men stare at her with a single wiggle, but her popularity has grown over the last month or so in the Redskins community, and has become a fixture at games.

The DC Sports Blog chronicled her meager beginnings; from a girl wearing a costume on Halloween, to an unofficial mascot. Like Clark Kent, she had help from her mom in creating her supersuit.

  • cabbage


    Youk a Yank? Wicked cool.


  • slimFROMtexas

    why is she wearing a golf glove? :) haha

    • Steve

      Good catch. I don’t think too many people are focusing on her hands.

    • http://blogsohardsports.com Blog So Hard Sports

      Is that a Titleist?

  • Tony

    The golf glove is so she doesn’t get blisters when she’s adding up way too many strokes with my extra stiff shaft. duh