Video: Dog refuses to eat Dallas Cowboys manufactured treat

If you were to tell me that someone from the University of Michigan made a strip of bacon and put it in front of my face, it would not stop me from eating it. Bacon is bacon, I don’t care who made it. In fact, I had an awesome homemade turkey club.

Anyway, all of that doesn’t make this dog any less impressive. Watch as Dexter (named after Dexter Manley) refuses to take his favorite treat because he is told that it was made by the Dallas Cowboys. For what it is worth, the owner is a Skins fan. Not potato skins, but the racist kind.

H/T DC Sports Blog

  • Magnus Nelson

    The dog video is absolutely priceless. One smart dog.

  • H lomas

    You guys barely beat us and your talking smack ! I’d kick that Fucking dog and tie it dead to the front end of my pickup truck so everyone can see my new display !! Go Cowboys !!! Till I die !!!