Report: Louisville is heading to the ACC

I know I said I’m over realignment, but when it’s newsworthy we have to talk about it. Several reports suggest that Louisville is likely heading to the ACC as soon as today. About a week ago, the Big Ten poached Maryland from the conference, leaving them with an uneven 13 teams. According to the reports, the vote took place at 7am this morning, and Louisville was all about it.

See the giant sign? “Welcome Louisville to a league of $4 championship game tickets.”

Where does that leave everything? Conference expansion speculation is about as appealing as discussing the Sri Lankan economy. There is so much BS out there, especially with the Twitter fuel we have these days. I know this, everytime one team moves, it just goes off the deep end in mindless drivel. About 24 months ago, the Big 12 was destined to ripped apart into oblivion. Didn’t happen. This past summer the ACC was doomed when people were saying Clemson and FSU were jumping ship to the Big 12. Didn’t happen (yet, at least). Massive continents are expected move everytime, but in the end, it seems to be small piece by small piece. Chess-like moves.

It seems that most of this expansion talk has been quiet and sudden. No one saw the Syracuse/Pitt ACC move until it was announced. No one saw the Maryland/Rutgers move until a few hours before the news broke.

What about this move?

– This is great for the ACC, and if I’m a (reportedly) disgruntled FSU, I’m happy that the league has committed itself to the best ALL AROUND program available. A school like UConn would have clearly favored the basketball side of things, while Navy would have played to the league’s long standing commitment to academic excellence (God forbid a college based conference care about that).

– Under Armor aside, Louisville has the potential to be a better program than Maryland for the ACC. Spare me the “original member” and “Metro DC” talk. The ACC has a serious football issue, and if not addressed soon, it could legitimately blow the league up. Louisville has made a heavy commitment to football.

– The Big East of 2007 is down to UConn, Cincinnati, and USF. I long stated that the then 8 team league would regret not being progressive on the football side of things. Now, they’re being blown back into the stone age. (To Note: They added Tulane and ECU yesterday)