Mark Sanchez: “Love our chances”

Oh boy. It seems that New York Jets QB Mark Sanchez has been dipping into the Kool-Aid that his head coach enjoys. It must also be spiked with some something pretty strong. The Jets currently stand at 4-7 and the cusp of futility, and a major offseason shake-up anticipated. There are zero glimmers of hope on this team, with the exception of a healthy Darelle Revis returning next season. That’s about it.

But never fear, says Sanchez:

“We feel great. We love our chances. We’ve got a special group. We’ll keep fighting and trying to win some games here,” Sanchez said yesterday while outside of PS 215 in Far Rockaway, helping City Harvest donate food to those affected by Hurricane Sandy.

Look, this group may be special, but not in the way the Sanchize believes. I don’t think this team will quit, so I will give him that, but that is no reason to love the chances that remain for the Jets. I mean, the only thing one can love is the $18.00 tickets being sold to home games. That’s a great deal to watch pro football.

Yes, the schedule is pretty much ideal for the Jets to close it out on a winning note, but why believe that they can win 4 or 5 of these games to avoid a losing season? The defense stinks. The offense is horrible, and even the special teams lack the ability to consistently not screw up.

But hey, with Tim Tebow on the mend from a rib injury, at least Sanchez can remain confident that his job is safe until the 2012 season comes to a close. But the rest of it is just false bravado for a team that is absolutely terrible.

  • George Murphy

    B.S. Mark could not find his butt with both hands, and it’s way to late to start or even play Tebow. He would not stand an even chance, with the players on the Jet’s, they will drop passes and do what ever they have to do to make him look bad. It is a no win deal for Tebow, always liked the jet’s but no more, hope they lose all their games…….

  • cabbage

    Sad fact is, Tebow isn’t good enough to replace Sanchez.

    RIP Fireman Whateveryournamewas