Video: Happy Anniversary to Charlie Brown and Lucy

Today marks the 60th anniversary of when Lucy began pulling the football out from under Charlie Brown. Come on, admit it, you always wanted to see the bald-headed kid get to kick it once, but Lucy refused to let him do it. No matter how sincere she made it seem, she always yanked it away at the last second.

I loved Peanuts. Charles Schultz was a genius, and often used sports in his strips and cartoons. Charlie Brown seemed to be an utter failure at sports, as he couldn’t fly a kite, win a football game, and, as we just saw, couldn’t kick a football.

And Lucy was a real &#$%^!

H/T Off the Bench

  • cycledan

    In all my years, I never saw that movie. Never was a Peanuts fan either in the comics or on TV.