Source: Arkansas to interview Mike Gundy

There have been rumors in recent days that Oklahoma State head coach, Mike Gundy, is being considered as a replacement for interim coach, John L Smith, at Arkansas. While Gundy has refused to discuss the situation with the media, we have learned that Gundy will have discussions about the position in Fayetteville.

This is not to say that Gundy is the leading candidate, or that he is the eventual hire. It has also be reported that TCU head coach, Gary Patterson is on the program’s shortlist. But when asked about the rumors earlier in the week, Gundy did not confirm or deny interest from either himself or Arkansas. He said that he would not discuss “speculative reports or other jobs.”

Prior to becoming the head coach at OSU, Gundy was an outstanding QB for the program. He set several passing records in the old Big 8 conference. Gundy would then go on to being an assistant for OSU, Baylor, and Maryland, before gaining the head coaching duties in 2005. Up until 2008, Gundy was best known for a an outburst over a report in regards to the benching of QB Bobby Reid. That is when Gundy delivered the viral video moment of “Come after me! I’m a man! I’m forty!”. But after the 2007 season, Gundy began leading the team to some of their best seasons in years, including back-to-back seasons of 11+ wins in 2010 and 2011, capped off with a Fiesta Bowl win last January over Stanford. Many believed that OSU deserved a spot in the National Championship, but their one loss to Iowa State cost them that shot in the BCS rankings.

The question with this situation is if the move to Arkansas is more of a lateral move, or not. There is a certain cache with being a coach in the SEC, but the success of the two schools in recent years are extremely similar. It would be an interesting bidding war if things do, in fact, materialize. Sometimes these situations come down to which alum and donors step up to the proverbial plate. Who wouldn’t want to watch Jerry Jones and T. Boone Pickens try to outspend one another?

  • Faytowns finest.

    How about Andy Reid for the new hc of ark? He’s going to need a job next year. Lol

  • patphish

    Why on earth would he take a step down and go to Arkansas? OSU is a much better job and program.

  • arkbadger

    this guy is in favor of the Gundy hire, should it happen.

    I disagree about the lateral move though. conference pissing matches aside, OSU will always be second fiddle in the state of mobilehoma, Arkansas is the one and only legit D1 school in the state. not to mention Arkansas has better facilities. I don’t see money being an issue for either side on this one though.

  • arkbadger

    Why on earth would he take a step down and go to Arkansas? OSU is a much better job and program

    absolutely nothing about that statement is correct.

  • cabbage

    Not against Gundy taking Arkansas job, but I suspect this is nothing more than a move to separate T Boone from more of his money.

  • chicks

    Gundy just got a raise last year so i doubt this is to just get more money. Its been well documented that gundy and his AD dont get along so why not take another mil a year step up to the big time conference which has better facilities and is number 1 in the state and doesn’t play 3rd fiddle to blOeU or the OKC thunder…

  • Rick

    Gundy loves OSU and is not going anywhere! Take it to the bank!

  • Shannon

    As an OSU alum and die hard Razorback fan, I for one would LOVE this move. Gundy is a respectable man coaches with his heart and his head. That’s rare sometimes. He knows how to set up a staff that can and will do their jobs. He hold his players to a standard that is also rare in college sports. Could be a good move on our part. Sure as hell can’t get much worse. Our boys need a defining leading, now more than ever, one they know will stand behind them, pushing their abilities and expecting more.

  • Lisa

    Considering I can name three high school teams in Oklahoma that would beat Arkansas this year, I’m not sure why anyone would want the job- let alone Gundy who has had elite facilities built during his time, and taken his alma mater to new heights with room still to go. Yes, Ark. Is in the SEC, but who wants to be the whipping boy of the SEC? Check your stats- in the last 5 years OSU has the same record as OU, Notre Dame, USC; better record than Texas or Florida. We have the second most NCAA championships( second only to Stanford). That does not make a whipping boy. We have actually won our conference- Arkansas can’t say that. As far as AU being the only D 1 school in the state, well, you said it, but I will finish- if you don’t have enough people in the state intelligent enough to educate…

  • KP

    Good to see Gundy getting some props from the SEC, but I can tell you now he’s not going to make that move. OSU is in a much better position than Arkansas to win. In fact next season is set for the Pokes to make a run at the Big 12 title. Arkansas isn’t going to be making a run for their conference any time soon, even if Madden was coaching them. P.S OSU has updated facilities about 3 years ago in case you haven’t noticed, and their pretty top notch.

  • JB

    Poke fans, don’t lose sleep over this. By the Pig’s overinflated self worth and standards, Gundy is fourth in line for this job behind Gruden, Belichick and Saban.