With Santonio Holmes injury, is it finally Tebow Time?

Everyone wants to know when Rex Ryan is going to pull the plug on Mark Sanchez as the New York Jets QB, as he has been pretty terrible this year, save for the Bills game, and has shown little progression since his rookie season in 2009. The Jets traded for Tim Tebow in the offseason, but have refused to say that he will see anytime as the starter this season. Ryan repeated the Jets stance on Monday, that Sanchez was the QB at that time, but has that changed because of other circumstances surrounding the team?

I am not saying that Tebow gives the Jets a better chance to win football games. We won’t know that unless they play him. Conventional wisdom would tell us know, as he gives defenses little to worry about in terms of the passing game. But Sanchez doesn’t strike fear into anyone, for all intents and purposes. Sanchez supporters will point to the fact that Sanchez has yet to really mature because he doesn’t have the weapons around him that other QBs do. But, then again, there are plenty of QBs that make players around them better. Just look at the Mannings and Drew Brees for examples. But no one is saying he needs to be on that level.

Now, the word is that Santonio Holmes, the Jets #1 wide receiver, will be out for the season after injuring his foot this past Sunday. With the loss of Holmes, that means the Jets offense will be without him, Dustin Keller, and rookie Stephen Hill. Why put Sanchez on the field with talent less than that? It isn’t like those players are great, but they are miles better than anything on the current active roster.

It now seems like it is the perfect time to unleash Tebow Time in New York, simply for this fact. This is a team that still wants to be identified as a “ground-n-pound”, but have continually tried to be a passing team. Now they have their best excuse to try to run the ball with Tebow and Shonn Greene. Actually, I would even argue that Joe McKnight should get more burn at RB, simply because he is shiftier than Greene, and might be more suitable for the spread-option read offense that Tebow would run.

Will it work? Maybe. Maybe he gets killed and the idea of Tebow being a successful NFL QB can be put to rest. But it isn’t working with Sanchez at this point. But more importantly, the Jets can then turn it over to the best QB on their roster in Greg McElory

  • cabbage

    I love a good train wreck.

  • A.P.

    Tebow won’t help that bad defense, the porous offensive line, and their barely average running backs

  • knightwhosaysni

    Tebow won’t help that bad defense, the porous offensive line, and their barely average running backs

    He did exactly that last year.