Colorado farmers have a Peyton Manning corn maze

Some people have posters on their walls, some just wear the jersey of their favorite player. But then there are some that take it to an extreme like nobody else could imagine. For example, take the farmers at Fritzler Farm in LaSalle, Colorado. They have really caught Peyton Manning fever with the Denver Broncos. After throwing for 19-for-26 for 253 yards and two touchdowns in his debut, how could you not be excited as a fan out there? The decided to incorporate the corn maze season and Peyton Manning.

I have to say, I am always impressed when these mazes are put together, especially this one, since it captures the essence of the ‘Manning Face.’ For what it’s worth, Manning isn’t the first Bronco to be honored with labyrinth of corn. Back in 2003, the Farm did the same for John Elway.

The maze officially opens this weekend, September 15, so if you are in the area, you can be one of the 30k + people they expect for the season. Corn mazes are all the rage for the fall. That, and football, of course. It is obviously a perfect match.

H/T Huffington Post