Georgia fans complain that Mizzou fans were too nice

The entire country, at least those above the Mason-Dixon line and/or west of St. Louis, are pretty much exhausted by the effort of certain SEC fans. The group of fans who cause more eye rolls than anyone else are those of the Georgia Bulldogs. They have a solid football program, but not on the same level of Alabama, LSU or Florida the past couple of decades. But they like to act like they are, and claim those teams success for their very own, touting the success of the conference. Now, the fan base is taking shots at one of the newest additions, the Missouri Tigers, following their win in Columbia in Mizzou’s first SEC game. What was the problem? Tiger fans were “too nice.”

Earlier in the week, Adam B, a Georgia Tech fan, wrote about his visit to Blacksburg, and commended them for their overall friendliness towards him and other outsiders. After all, you are there to watch a football game, it by no means is a personal thing. Granted, had it been a deep heated rivalry, maybe it would have been a different atmosphere. According to Georgia fans, Mizzou fans don’t get what it is to be apart of the SEC.

“Too nice,” Tom Easton decided of his new SEC cousins in gold shirts.

“I don’t think they know what they’re getting into,” Steve Molinari said.

“There’s some general confusion,” Jay O’Meara said. “Everybody’s kind of feeling each other out. It’s like a first date.”

Not far away, another Georgia fan beneath another red hat, drawing his first conclusions of Missouri.

“I think it’ll take a year for them for it to sink in what they’re in for,” Kip Hicks said. “They don’t hate us yet. They will soon.”

“We were walking downtown last night and everyone’s like, `Welcome, welcome, welcome,’ ” Molinari said. “If you were walking in Gainesville, Tuscaloosa or Auburn, no would say that.”

First of all, that isn’t simply true about Gainesville. I was present for a game against Miss St, and except for the one guy that “chomped” in my face as I entered Ben Griffin Stadium, the fans and locals couldn’t have been more welcoming. Maybe Georgia’s impression is that everyone hates them? Did anyone else hear them with an SEC chant last night? Yes, an SEC chant, at an SEC game.

Georgia fans like to pretend they are greater than they actually are as a team, and continually ride the coattails of the power programs of their conference. Missouri fans shouldn’t be too concerned with the impression that they left. Yes, you may be in the Southeast Conference, now, but continue with your Midwest upbringing. Don’t stoop to be classless like the fans you just hosted.

  • purplehaze77340

    i dont care one way or the other. iam just glad they (missouri) are out of the Big 12. they are just a bunch of malcontents!!!!

  • bigdicmegee

    I have to say the writer has hit it on the head: UGA is a legend in it’s own mind (and I’m from GA). HOWEVER, SEC football is the best. T A&M and Mizz will catch up, but think this is the conference where every single week you have to get ready for a bowl game: Bama, TN, LSU, etc… week after week having to play these teams, it sure aint no cake walk.


    What an over-generalized, biased, unfounded post. To say that UGA fans are any worse or better than the fans of any other SEC team is completely arbitrary. The fact is, every fan base has members that are “outliers”. That is to say, they do not represent the overall attitudes of the majority of the fans. Do you think that the majority of Alabama fans would poison the sacred trees at Toomer’s Corner in Auburn like one particularly overzealous Harvey Updike?Hardly. You have chosen to publish quotes from supposed UGA fans that play to your obvious bias against the University of Georgia. I would be willing to be that 98% of the UGA fans in attendance in Columbia yesterday greatly appreciated the warm welcome in Columbia. To say that a few “bad apples” represent the attitudes of the entire fan base is unjustified and irresponsible.

    As a proud alumnus of the University of Georgia, I would like to point out that we have been playing football since 1892. Long before the SEC was even thought of. Sure, we have not had the same success in recent years as the Alabamas, LSUs, Auburns, or Floridas of the SEC. But neither have other proud and generally successful programs such as Tennessee, South Carolina, Ole Miss, etc. We are not choosing to “ride anyone’s coat tails”, but as all fans who care about their program, we want our team to succeed. Fans that have a realistic view of what is going on understand that UGA has not had the success other programs in the SEC have. My affiliation is with the University of Georgia 1st, not the SEC. It just so happens that the institution that I am so proud to be a part of is a part of that conference. To be honest, I couldn’t care less about the success of the conference as a whole. I want my university to be successful and believe that they will be. May not be this year, may not be the next 5 years, but eventually, they will have success.

    This blog post is unfounded and ridiculous. I for one, will not be back. Enjoy your biased, unfounded, unjustified, irresponsible blogging. I doubt many others will.

  • John Smith

    Who wrote this? A guy that lives in New Jersey and is from Michigan, and somehow writing about the SEC? And a mention of Mississippi State, as if that validates knowledge of SEC football? Stop.

    Its unfortunate that blogs dont go under peer review or through an actual editor. Anyone can create a webpage and call themselves ‘editor in chief.’

    I had a list of arguments, but I really dont care. If you dont get it, you never will.

    • Dave K

      I had a list of arguments, but I really dont care. If you dont get it, you never will.

      yes you do.

  • cabbage

    John L is that you? Nice job yesterday, you LOSER.

    Wait, that post makes too much sense to be John L.


    Wow. What a joke article. Unbelieavable. Go ring more cowbells and pretend you are good. UGA is no LSU or Bama but they have a couple of SEC titles under Richt and are a good program.

  • Florida Gator

    What!? What a poor loser you are, dude! A 3-year-old could see right through this bs!

    I’m a Gator and I can honestly say, UGA has a great fan base! I’ve been a Florida ticket holder for over 37 years and of all the SEC teams we play every year, UGA fans are the most fun to be around. They are very passionate about their team and have always shown class when UGA plays us. Sure, like every damn team in the country, you will have some that will show their @$$. Missouri has idiot fans and the Gators do too.

    I’m not a UGA football fan, but I felt it was my obligation to take up for one of my SEC brothers. Especially after seeing how A LOT OF UGA FANS were wishing us well against Texas A&M! We never wish each other well, but after the billboard went up in Gainsville and the Mizzou defender popped off at the mouth, we came to each others defense as a brother should do.

    So, continue to write your poor-loser articles! I GUARANTEE you are going to have a lot more to right! LOSER!!!!!

    • Dave K

      it is almost too easy at times. this has been fun.

  • Max from CoMo

    The Georgia fans I came across this weekend (even met two at our church) were top notch. They were here to support their team and have a good time. I caught not air of superiority even after they whipped us. Good fans don’t have to trash talk to have a good time. It’s just fun to hear perspectives from other parts of the country. Just wish we could have given the Dawgs a better contest in the second half. I look forward to their return in two years.

    • Dave K

      Max, there are plenty of fine Georgia fans. Just like there are plenty of fine Duke fans, and Red Sox. Okay, maybe not Red Sox fans.

  • Tony The Tiger

    As a Mizzou grad and die-hard Tiger fan, I can honestly say that every UGA fan I met was very polite. Even exchanged phone numbers to keep in touch for next years game in Athens. We made some friends and this has been nothing but an AWESOME experience. Well, the game didn’t end our way. :(

    So, you’re the one who has no class by calling the UGA fans classless.

    Get out of your parents basement and find you a girl! Those girls in your comic books don’t count! :)

    • Dave K

      but my wife and kids like my mom’s basement!

  • Faith

    First of all, who the hell do you think you are, and how dare you? Secondly, walk thru Columbia, SC sporting red and black and then we will talk. Those of you above the mason dixon line and west of St. Louis are inconsequential and clearly undeserving of our southern hospitality. Have you ever been to Athens, Ga? I somehow doubt that you have, but would love for you to to come. For us Dawg fans, it’s not so much having a favorite team. Its about being proud of your team, a fan of your team, first and foremost. We do not claim victories/successes that are not our own. We, quite simply, do not understand fare weather fans. We are proud to be GA BULLDOGS, regardless of our rankings, standings or performance. I’m very sorry if those of you on that side of The mason dixon line do not understand that. If you’d like a lessons on what it’s like to be a fan, please come on down, we’d love to have you! If not, kindly shut up and stay where you are. Y’all have a nice day!

    • Dave K


  • Allen Newton

    Geogia fans do ride the coat tails of truely great traditional powerhouse teams like the Crimson Tide. They act like they have some tradition of winning championships. I can’t remember the last time they won even a SEC championship, much less a national one. They are a special bread of SEC fan. We true football fans don’t hate our SEC brothers. We embrace them with true sportsmanship and pull for them when they play out of conferance teams. I wish our newest members Missouri and Texas A&M all the best. They are both great schools and will be a great addition to the best conferance in college football. ROLL TIDE!!!!

  • Dawggoneit

    I know two things.

    (1) I ain’t ever met a carpetbagging Yank that I didn’t want to shoot and slowly flay the skin off of.
    (2) the Dawgs are due to rip off 2-3 National Championships like Alabama, Florida, and LSU.


  • TheOtherDawgs

    As a Mississippi State fan, I’d like to welcome Texas A&M and Missouri to our conference! Although we don’t win as many games as the stronger teams do, we DO have a lot of fun on gameday meeting new friends, clanging the cowbells and yelling a LOT. lol Couple of things to remember…It ain’t over till it’s over (see Arkansas) and no team is ever guaranteed a win (also see Arkansas). It’s great to have both teams join us and make the SEC even stronger as a whole. Good luck and hope to see you down the road!!!

  • arkbadger

    This is my favorite post that has ever been written on this site.

  • JR

    I find it interesting that someone would characterize Georgia as some kind of pretender. They won the SEC east last year and won the conference in 2002 and 2005 and finished the year ranked #2 behind LSU in 2007. Since the bar for success in the SEC is the national championship, then UGA could be considered as not in the same class as Florida, Alabama, and LSU. But no other team from any other conference really has any argument when comparing their program to Georgia. This sort of blog just shows how jealous all of the other conferences (and their area media outlets) are of the caliber of teams and level of play in the nation’s premier football conference.

  • Bren

    # 16 by Allen Newton:

    UGA has gone to the SEC Championship 4 times in the last 10 years. They won in 2002 and 2005. I don’t think they care if you remember though. Welcome to the SEC Mizzou & Texas A&M. Good to have you. Go Dawgs!!!

  • A.P.

    UGA has gone to the SEC Championship 4 times in the last 10 years

    Who cares? Always a bridesmaid, never a bride. It’s like the NY Jets crowing about making the AFC Championship game two years in a row. BFD. It doesn’t matter if you make it and lose.


    I wouldn’t piss on a Georgia fan if they were on fire after the douchebaggery I witnessed this weekend, So sorry for being welcoming and nice. Welcome to the SEC indeed.

  • Mark Mizerle06

    it’s true that Georgia fans are the worst. THE WORST.


    Was this article written for humor? Or did someone really hurt your feelings? Do you need a whaaa burger to go along with your french cries? I proudly am a UGA fan and I too will pull for ANY SEC team when they are playing an out of conference game. We, as do any team, have fans that are extreme, so if someone hurt your feelings, i apologize on behalf of the Bulldog Nation.

    You sit there and write about UGA as if they are the scrubs of the SEC. Well, you were just beaten by the scrubs. Get used to it. You’re probably going to struggle in Phoenix. Then South Carolina is coming – count that as a loss. There’s hope for a win with UCF which is probably your homecoming. Vandy is gonna give you a game and may hurt your feelings, Alabama ROLLs in (loss), UK (I’ll give you that one), UF, UT, and Syracuse (I’ll be pulling for you) will be losses for you. Then you’ll conclude your season with your final loss to your fellow SEC newcomer.

    You don’t have a lot of hope – unless you’re hoping I’m wrong. This is how it is in the SEC so you’re just going to have to put on your big boy pants and get used to it. You’ll have plenty of other fans to write about.

    Have a good one – and remember, there’s hope my friend

  • cabbage

    Yard Barker brings us the nicest people. Not too nice, just nice.

  • A.P.

    Must feel great to be a fan of a SEC East team to go to the SEC championship game and get rolled by a legitimate team like Bammer or the Mad Hatters

  • cabbage

    Starts the cheer, TVF TVF TVF TVF

  • Will Muschamp is the Next Nick Saban

    Georgia fans, go ahead and cite your program’s great accomplishments as if we should be proud of youfor it.

    We’ll put it on the fridge, right next to your entire team’s Batterer’s Intervention Completion Certificate.

    We get it. You’re the C students who occasionally get an A and want everyone to know about it.

  • totally not fetch

    can’t believe i missed this. fuck missouri right up their fucking meth addled assholes. they’re not too nice they’re just too fucking dumb to string a sentence together without stopping to slurp on one of their cousins dicks.

  • Go Navy Mike

    It doesn’t matter how many fans you speak too, you can always twist or even write a story to tell your story your way just as the Liberal Main Stream Media does daily. I’m sure you ran into plenty of kind speaking UGA fans as well, but chose not to mention that in the article. Instead you chose to go down the negative reporting path.

    Wow, it must be hard to be an honest sports writer!!!

  • bugeaterssuk

    First off, geography scholars Missouri is split by the Mason Dixon Line for what ever reason you keep bringing that up. But for you information the civil war is over. We are glad to be in the SEC and I am sure we will learn which fans are assholes and which can be friendly until the game starts. We will not bow down to nor cower to any of you. We will get beat, and we will win. Just hope your not the team which we beat as it would be terribly embarrassing to you to lose to the team you feel obligated to make sound like weaklings and wusses. And we bring that sentiment with us in all sports we play. lastly,,,,,,,, MIZ ZOU. Has a sweet ring to it wouldn’t you say. So Gaga, oops I mean Gawga go back to moonshine, welfare , drowning kids in the Chattahootchie, graduating players who can’t read nor write and brag.

  • fetch

    The terrible spelling, grammar and logic in that comment is how you know it actually was a missouri fan typing it.

  • http://yardbarker bugeaterssuk

    Logic, ask Hershall Walker what his GPA was! Same as the fat ass who kept laying down to get a breather and a trip to the side line for one play. A true 358 pounds of lard ass! I have been to Athens and all I saw was Jimmie Carter statues.

  • Michael Coats

    If you want Mizzou fans to hate the SEC, then tell the teams to reference the Jayhawks in some fashion. You’ll see hate like you’ve never experienced before. Other than that, just about everyone will be civil.