What are the top college football TV markets?

20120828-203359.jpgTV contracts are the new rage in college football. It all started few years ago the Big Ten body slammed the networks with the idea to create station of their own. It was that little gem, from the oldest and most rocked headed conference out there that started all this conference realignment mess we’re in now.

Slowly all the other conferences have found a way to match the Big Ten’s output, contract after contract has been signed with the blood of foreign teams (Missouri is now South Eastern for example, which contrary to those Satanic maps Rand-McNally puts in our children’s classrooms). There are even reports that a shelled out Big East could cash in with their new global league soon.

We know what markets dictate television on a regular weeknight. You’ve got New York, LA, and Chicago, but which markets really tune in to watch college football?

ESPN looked at the stats and figured out college football’s best markets in 2011.


Anyone floored? Obviously Alabama and Auburn drive Birmingham through the roof. And to be fair, I have no breakdown of the rating system either. From what I can tell, it doesn’t really favor the largest markets. In fact only five top 20 markets made this list. Atlanta, Detroit, Tampa, Cleveland, and Orlando.

The other surprise? People in Knoxville still watch college football.

(Stats provided by ESPN via Orlando Sentinel)

  • Jesse Alber

    This alone means little unless we also look at the size of the market and the cost of the contract or advertising. A 3.4 rating in the Atlanta metro area still results in more bodies in front of the television than a 5.9 in Birmingham. If the cost is the same then Atlanta is the better market.

  • http://www.thevictoryformation.com Mark Mizerle06

    The other surprise? People in Knoxville still watch college football.