Georgia fan calls recruit to inquire about his commitment

In today’s social media world, it’s not uncommon to hear about the occasional fan or two hitting up the Twitter or Facebook to give a recruit some encouragement about attending their favorite institution. By the same token, people have all but forgotten what a telephone is, how it is useful, and how instantaneous contact can be with such a device.

One Georgia fan hadn’t. It’s reported that a rouge fan called College of the Sequoias defensive back Steven Nelson after rumors shot around the internet that the Georgia commit had changed his mind, and decided to attend Texas Tech instead. Said Nelson:

“I get phone calls almost every day from college recruiters and reporters…He called me up, and I forgot what his name was. The way he was talking, I thought he was a reporter, so I stayed on the phone. He was just trying to convince me to stay with Georgia, told me how good of a player I was, and wished me a good year.”

Is this a NCAA violation? Technically, yes, but there is nothing linking the school directly to the caller, so it likely won’t even be reported. The Georgia fansite turned over a potential suspect to the Georgia athletic department after a poster claimed to be calling recruits on their message boards.

  • patphish

    This is why the SEC>ACC.