Video: Steelers made a “Call Me Maybe” parody

Yes. The Pittsburgh Steelers. This is supposed to be one of the proudest NFL franchises of all-time. These are supposed to be the one of the meanest teams in the NFL. But they just couldn’t resist falling into the “Call Me Maybe” phenomenon.

Is it over, yet?

H/T The Huddle

  • Tanya B

    Ok, I truly just became a steeler’s fan. I love this song and all of the videos made to go with it. It is so nice to see people just having a good time and seeing something positive about an athlete for a change. And not on TMZ or for marrying Kim Kardashian. Such a nice change. Thanks Steelers for that!!

  • Keisha

    Agree Tanya!!! Just people having fun! Love it! Been a die-hard Steeler fan for years and this just adds to the reasons I love them!! GO BLACK AND GOLD. Call me maybe. :-)

  • Keisha

    Agreed Tanya!!! Just people having fun!! I love it!! I’ve been a die-hard Steelers fan for years and this just adds to the reasons I love them! GO BLACK AND GOLD! Call me maybe. :-)

  • monkeydoodle


  • Denise

    I am an Eagles fan so PA in the house. BUTTTT I loved that video!!!!! Black and Yellow!!!!!!