The Victory Formation Podcast: Previewing the expected Penn State lawsuit vs. the NCAA

This podcast is a little different than previous episodes, as we have a couple special guests, and focus exclusively on one topic.  Attorneys Jay Valter and Michael Georger joined the show to discuss the appeal to the NCAA by a Penn State board member, and the lawsuit that is likely to follow, now that the appeal isn’t going forward.

We discuss the underlying basis of the lawsuit, the legal precedents it may challenge, and what the outcome could mean for the NCAA, as well as major professional sports leagues in the US.  Running time is about an hour, but it’s chock full of good information, and tremendous legal insights from our guests.  You can follow Jay on twitter at @KyDerbyJay, and Michael at @CuriousGeorger.

As always, you can use the embedded audio player above (requires Flash), download the MP3 directly from this link, or subscribe to The Victory Formation PodCast on iTunes – don’t forget to rate us!  So sit back and enjoy!