Swimmers celebrate gold medal win with McDonald’s

There are several ways to celebrate a huge victory, but the best way may be going completely off your diet. That is exactly what 4x200m freestyle relay gold medal winners Ricky Berens and Conor Dwyer did last night.

Following the US Men’s team winning the gold, the two swimmers had an All-American meal at the All-American fast food joint in the Olympic Village. For what it’s worth, McDonald’s has been synonymous with the Olympics for years. Well, Berens and Dwyer, who have essentially been training for the Games for the better part of the last 4 years, squashed a 3360 calorie meal.

“We had a dinner date at McDonald’s,” Berens joked Wednesday morning on “Today.” “We put so much pressure on this meet. We sacrifice so much for the Olympic Games. We eat so healthily and we try to do everything right. It’s our time to relax. That McDonald’s in the dining hall was just calling our names.”

Most swimmers try to eat relatively healthy during their training regimen. High protein for muscle-building, and complex carbohydrates for added energy. The last month, most of them probably on a strict diet of pasta. But when it is over, it’s time to have what you have forbidden from yourself.

  • knightwhosaysni

    I wouldn’t choose McDonalds. I’d kill an entire pecan pie with ice cream if I want to eat 3500 calories.

  • Groin

    Enjoy shitting hot worms all day today, boys.

  • http://armchairsportsblogger.blogspot.com jpmanahan

    Estimated calculation of order is PhP 568 or $13.60

  • God

    im hungry

  • The Unicorn

    I highly doubt they were on a diet of strict pasta the month prior to the Olympics. Pasta has very little nutritional value and is downright destructive overall. High glycemic carbs wreak havoc on your insulin levels. http://www.robbwolf.com

  • knightwhosaysni

    Is that a unicorn peeing a rainbow? Best gravatar ever.

  • seriously?

    you’re seriously think they are counting calories for one day after they have finished their events?

    1680/each for this one meal, and they probably burn 5000 on a typical day.

    Did you read this part? “But when it is over, it’s time to have what you have forbidden from yourself.” Don’t hate.

  • McGangBang

    Im ashamed they did not get the infamous McGangbang if they wanted to splurge. look it up, its for real

  • Dillon

    How can ppl even stomach McDonalds??? If they only knew that they can eat Burgers etc while they train (in moderation) as long as they are REAL! Not the half plastic ones McDonalds sells:(

  • Edward Robinson

    I would of eaten three pounds of fresh Rocky Mountain Oysters deep fried with a couple of Ice Cold Red Beers to begin with then pig out on four pounds of Rib Tips from Famous Dave’s here in Montana with some Local Micro Brewed Beers from Yellowstone Brewing Company.

  • Rick

    They then got for the next 3 days.