Lolo Jones catches flack for gun Tweet

It may be time for Olympic athletes to stay away from Twitter, as anything and everything they decide to Tweet will be scrutinized. US Track & Field star Lolo Jones is the latest to receive criticism, when she sent out a Tweet following the US Men’s Archery Team losing out on the gold medal to the Italian team.

Obviously, there is a split in this country over guns, but with what happened in Aurora, CO just two weeks ago, some are a bit on edge. As expected, there were those that replied back to Jones in a negative way. Some asked her to delete the Tweet, calling it insensitive.

Jones did issue response, simply saying the following: “sorry u guys only think of violence but I think of all the hunting I do w southerners in da south. Its impressive.”

Earlier in the week, Greek Track & Field star Voula Papachristou was banned from the games for a Tweet which appeared to be racist in nature. There is little chance that Jones receives any punishment or official criticism from the IOC or the USOC.

  • rekcalsa

    I can believe she really meant nothing bad by it, but that’s the problem with the internet, especially when done in 140 character snippets…gotta make yourself painstakingly clear.

  • Dave K

    Agree, Rek. I am not huge on actually Tweeting, though I do follow many. I have found myself going back and forth in discussions for quite sometimes,because I am so limited in what I can actually say in one “breath” so to speak.

  • Yardee007

    Get a life people, its alway the dumb ones that want to start something.

  • Bill McCarron

    It was not well thought out to tweet that. This USA team is full of athletes that I’d like to see fail.

  • johnny

    why do whites want to spell and talk like inner city black s? I know she was shorthanding bcause of twitter on some of it !

  • A.P.

    The only people that get offended are the politically correct dickheads in urban areas and northeast soccer moms. The real ignorance in the U.S. is by people who think athletes and celebrities can’t express their opinion. Fucking selfish losers

  • angler22f

    Seems like someone is in trouble for a tweet, almost every day. I don’t understand it. I don’t think anyone would be interested in anything I am doing and, besides, I like my privacy. I am also not interested in was most others are doing. The few I do care about, I know what they are doing without the tweets. I have never tweeted and have no desire to.

  • angler22f

    I forgot to add, I don’t see anything except the media trying to make something out of nothing here.

  • knightwhosaysni

    Twitter strikes again! I think they should be called twits instead of tweets.

  • stlwrkr4889

    There is way too much (ignorant) swagger on this team. They really need to remember what the Olympics is supposed to be about.

  • nct

    @ johnny….. Typical redneck that you are, you would say something insensitive about another culture. Not all inner city dwellers talk in Ebonics…. It’s AH’s like you that make the world what is is today!!

  • Mike from Colorado

    There is nothing wrong with her tweet. What happened her in Colorado was wrong & a tragity. She is talking spots not killing or death. It does bot make her insensitive. When she talks about “da” sport might have more to to with twitters 140 char limitation. The press is board to cover this tweet.

  • DamonCA

    In skeet shooting don’t they use gun’s. Pay attention to the Olympics. I am pretty sure she wasn’t trying to be insensitive about what happened in CO. Come on people.

  • Sean

    There was absolutely nothing wrong with what Lolo said. Kim Rhode just shotgunned her way to a gold medal with a near perfect performance. There will probably more medal winning shooters to come for the US.

  • knightwhosaysni

    Pretty sure she wasn’t close enough to the 140 character limit that 1 character makes a difference. Just spell out ‘the’. It is not that hard to do.

  • calvin

    to Johnny Lo Lo is black!! what do you think her dad looks like for her to have such a great “tan”

  • bryan

    these tweets are who these people are, everyone is an individual, who has an opinion about things, that is their right, if you dont like it, dont support them, otherwise, have a big cup of shut the f*ck up

  • snatchandgrab

    @ Johnny, LoLo is bi-racial. Her mother is white and her father is black.

  • cidos

    Im not too proud of america being known for gun violence. Her tweet is an example of this country’s “shoot first ask questions later” mentality and attitude. We lead the world in gun deaths but the only answer people seem to have is to supply more guns to the people with out guns to defend themselves from people with guns.

  • B. Rob.

    Hey Johnny…Did you know that LoLo is both black and white??? So maybe she got her speed and height in jumping from urban ‘blacks’ too. :-\

  • bob

    Don’t care. She’s hot.

  • rekcalsa

    Pretty sure she wasn’t close enough to the 140 character limit that 1 character makes a difference. Just spell out ‘the’. It is not that hard to do.

    Combo of not wanting to count characters (easier to just shorthand things from the get-go) and probably doing it from her phone where many people prefer to type less.

  • Lain

    lol! Seriously? She’s not wrong. In many countries people have never even seen a gun. In korea the police don’t even carry guns. So yeah, as an American. She was completely right. Where, are the guns?!

  • Erica

    You people are all stupid. You don’t even know lolo jones. She has sarcasm! If people would be a fan of hers like I am you would understand that it’s her sense of humor! Leave lolo alone.

  • Michael

    @ johnny, Lolo is actually of mixed ethnicity. But to stereotype people who live in the inner city is very narrow minded of you. I am from Des Moines, Iowa, same as Lolo, and I am proud to have her as a representative of my city and state.

  • Jean SoCal

    Whoever these so-called “scrutinizers” of tweets are, shut your pie holes. Why should any of us allow you to be the authoritative voice on the context or “sensitivity” of someone’s free speech?

  • Pocket_rocket

    This the problem with tweets. It’s broken English, acronyms, non-official abbreviations all trying to come together to form coherent thought. The crazy part is when the person explains what they meant, the dumb A$$ that misunderstands becomes a freaking expert on reading comprehension.

  • Pocket_rocket

    @jonny, you need to retire from the Internet. You have reached your education limit. You don’t read, research, or ask questions before you comment. You get the gold off dumbest comment on the net. LOL

  • Chick

    If she were white, it would have been plastered over every major uber-liberal media outlet know to Man. There would have been calls to resign. But she’s given basically a free pass because . . . well you know wjy.

  • jrinsocal

    I think everyone is making a big to do out of nothing. I took it to mean Europeans may be better at archery, but Americans are better with guns. Doesn’t necessarily mean we go and shoot others or condone violence.

  • Greg

    Lolo Jones is the granddaughter of Lena Horne, an African-American. Those who tweet use “Twitter language” which includes slang and shorthand. Her comments were not well-timed and she apologized for it. All of the Olympic athletes as well as fans of the Olympics need to take a deep breath and think before they write. Go USA!

  • Rich West

    Lolo’s tweets are never clear. Start talking English and maybe someone will stop getting the wrong idea Ms. Jones. And quit trying to be a comedian on your tweets.

  • Allenna Rogers

    Here is a concept, if you are so easily offended, as the majority seem to be these days, DO NOT READ HER TWEETS! It is very simple really. Just pass her on by on your way to you High Horse!!

  • Allenna Rogers

    Here is a concept, if you are so easily offended, as the majority seem to be these days, DO NOT READ HER TWEETS! It is very simple really. Just pass her on by on your way to your High Horse!!

  • Nick Bo

    I can’t believe there is a problem with what she said. The only people who are upset are the blacks and the white do-gooders. Now-a-days 99% of what a person says is taken as racist. This world especially the USA is really getting screwed up. A person could say the sky is blu, but they would have to include a 1,000 word disclaimer after the blue sky comment.

  • Jovan

    For those of you who didn’t know, Lolo Jones is black. But that has nothing to do with her grammar. One is either educated or is not, and I know plenty of whites who have poor grammar.

  • Gordon Lewis

    It is all B’S’ She has a right to her own opinion. She made NO REFERENCE to Colorado. Someone should get a real job instead of Nit Picking.

  • JF

    Lo lo is obviously black or Mexican just by looking at her name. She is also obviously not white by looking at her features. But this is irrelevant to the story.
    TRUTH- This is a non story created to publicize the games. It is so weak it’s sad. This is all they got? And she is completely right in her Tweet about American and guns. It is a fact known to all worldwide, except ignorant Americans, that America is one of the most violent countries in the world due guns being legal. As the US becomes more populated, this will continue to get worse until one day, guns will finally be banned. It’s just a matter of time.
    But this is a free speech issue & Americans are split half & half on the issue with each trying to shut out the other side- one side because they are right and the other because they have guns to mfr & sell.

  • A.P.

    #38 – JF, you can’t tell her racial makeup by her name. Her name is Lori Jones. Lo Lo is just a nickname. Good job with stereotypes. Your parents would be proud

  • Guy Faulkes

    Much ado about nothing. It was a minor exercise in sarcastic humor and American braggadocio. A commentary on gun skills among US Olympians. People are too thin-skinned these days. Instead of getting upset over badly-spelled tweets, how about working on improving literacy and reducing gun violence? More constructive.

  • RusGator

    May be the shooting competitions should be banned for being insensitive. This is absurd.

  • Andrew Station

    She’s clearly speaking down to shooting as an Olympic sport – its not about the violence or not issue. Thats her opinion.

    BTW, gun ownership in Canada is 1/3 that of US, yet the murder rate is 1/10th. The US has a gun culture problem, not a gun access problem. I dont think anyone will claim that Canada is not a free and democratic country.

  • J.B.

    johnny … lolo jones is half black guy. plus she wasnt trying to spell like some one from the inner city. Why would you even post that. Ridiculous

  • ETM

    Good lord! Can people please quit looking for a reason to have their feelings hurt??!!!!! This the the reason we are loosing ground on the international front, to many people who refuse to “American up” and quit whining!!!

  • WLL

    get over it this is a country of free speach, she can say what ever she wants

  • kaiwarren

    the problem with america is people are too sensitive , there is nothing wrong with the tweet, she didnt display a gun or said anything derogatory get a life people , there are worst things thats have been said ,if she was nobody no one would care.

  • Stacie

    She meant nothing by it. It is ridiculous that this has so much time by the media.

  • Powderman

    Oh. My. Gosh.

    People, get real! First, there’s such a thing as freedom of speech. We all enjoy that freedom in the United States. Second, I do not understand why guns are a forbidden subject. Third, what happened in Aurora is a tragedy–made even more so because there was not a legally armed citizen who could have shot that maniac before he killed so many people! So–we have a gun culture problem? No, we don’t! We have a pacifist, criminal coddling problem. I’ll tell you this–the people who do these things do it because they really believe that they can get away with it. If they knew that there were good people who were ready to shoot BACK, they would think twice or not do it at all. Let this athlete have her say, because she speaks the truth–it may not be pleasing to some, but she has the right to speak her mind.

  • kaiwarren

    just like peeps need to stop obsessing over every word and tweet its harmless tweet why dont you all take about the racist fucker in idaho who put obama picture along side teh colorado lunatic.

  • AllanL


    There are no “good people” standing ready with their guns to kill other people and America leads the world in the number of mass shootings and gun killings. Then I should look at the principal heroes of America. They are almost always killers. Perhaps, this explains America’s obsession with guns and death.

  • Pat

    Considering there IS a gun shooting competition, and an American won it, I think she raised a perfectly valid question in her tweet.

  • leelee

    Well, when is the shooting gonna start?

    • Dave K

      We already won gold in skeet shooting.

  • netta

    okay everyones wrong lol to clear it up as if it makes a damn difference, US Olympian Lolo Jones ethnicity is an exotic mix including French, Creole, African-American, Native American, and Norwegian descent. HAHAHA I WIN BITCHES LOL JK CHILL OUT THOUGH. if i was in the spotlight like celebs and athletes, i would watch what i say if i dont want criticism. but i dont believe she meant anything by it, only she knows though… and we are still watching the Olympics from home so…. lol

  • Powderman

    AllanL…here is your statement…”There are no “good people” standing ready with their guns to kill other people and America leads the world in the number of mass shootings and gun killings. Then I should look at the principal heroes of America. They are almost always killers.”

    You mean soldiers, sailors, Airmen or Marines? Or do you mean peace officers at the local, State, and Federal level who stand in harm’s way so you can sleep at night?

    I am one of those peace officers, and yes–I stand ready to take life if necessary to SAVE the life of a good citizen. I wish fervently that I had been able to be in that theater on that horrible night–I guarantee that the number of people that would have died would have been WAY lower. Perhaps I would have been one of them–if that’s what it takes to stop a madman, so be it.

    Now that being said, why can’t we enjoy the Olympics for what it is–the premier athletic competition in existence–and keep politics and personal views out of it? Why not?

    • AllanL

      Your position is cogent and dispassionate and I like that. Yet, you must know that these killings at schools and post offices and restaurants and wherever they occur are simply too many and too often. And the solutions to this most vexing issue cannot be more people with more guns ready to kill other people with guns.There has to be a better way to reduce these horrendous numbers of deaths, destruction and suffering.

      And you have to recognize a salient fact: America leads the world in the number of deaths by guns. That fact cannot be an indication that the nation is dealing with this issue well or correctly.
      Your children, if applicable) are now in greater and greater danger of being shot to death when they leave the house to attend any event, even at church. You, as a police officer, have to be worried about the safety of your daughters whenever they leave your house. Does that seem like” …the land of the free and the home of the brave”?

    • AllanL

      By the way, your job is never to be standing with your gun, ready to kill people. If it is unavoidable, that is understood, but your job is not to add to the violence, suffering, destruction, and death.

  • rae

    it’s the olympics -nothing wrong with that tweet

  • jleegee

    Twitter strikes again! When will younger generation going to realize that keeping your mouth shut is truly golden!!

  • Brett

    Really? This made news? I read it and not once did I think about Colorado!

  • Carmelle

    She better be concentrating on winning that gold medal rather than tweeting

  • Jerry

    wow, what is the big fuss about? When i read the tweet, first reaction was to laugh. As in a JOKE. Its a shame people whose only ambition in life is to try and make something out of what its not gets away with it!

  • Larry Lawson

    If we could quit categorizing people in color groups maybe we could get rid of racism. It’s time to get over it. We all want the same things out of life. We want a decent job, so we can educate and raise our families, and give them a good life. Everybody says LoLo and President Obama are black, when both had a white parent, why can’t people just see people as people and not color? It’s just plain stupid, and it shows how un-educated the people of this country really are. It’s called the dumbing down of America. Lets pull together like we did on 911. Didn’t that feel good that we were united?

  • Brad

    She clearly was talking about the fact that a lot of Americans have guns and like to shoot guns. I live in Texas, and going to a gun range is just something people do.

    I don’t own guns, but I have shot guns at the range several times just because I have been asked to go by different friends.

    And it is like that in a lot of America. It is part of our culture.

    She clearly meant that Americans are sportsmen when it comes to guns, and she was making a joke saying basically “we don’t shoot bows and arrows in America… we shoot guns… so when is the gun shooting competition”.

    When I read the quote I didn’t realize what the controversy was at first. Then I figured stupid people would be crying foul because there was a crazy person who went on a shooting rampage. And I was right… stupid people were making a big deal out of nothing.

  • http://bleacherreport. darren

    Lolo is white and everybody knows that. Just look at her. Yes one of her parents is black but you would never know that if she didn’t tell you that. Who really cares? Obama is sixty percent white and some people think he’s black. Let’s just back her in the Olympics.

  • http://espn DaJuan

    I agree she is white. That’s obvious. She is also African American.

  • DV

    Nothing wrong with a Silver in Archery. A Gold in shotgunning was awesome too! Where I live, guns are a used for recreation and a means of getting food on the table, not human-to-human violence. I wish the mainstream and Primetime media would show the Olympic shooting sports. Then, maybe those so fearful of such tools would see a value. Remember the biggest risk you take everyday is getting into a car, not being shot.

  • James Gentry

    First, she was not thinking about what happened in Colorado when she tweeted. Second, she is hot as hell! Just wanted to throw that out there, in case Lolo is interested in 46 year old single fathers of three.Third, who the hell cares what her racial makeup is? What does it have to do with anything? If you are judging her comments by what color her parents are, you are a dumb arse and need to just read, dont comment.

  • http://espn ernie

    She could be Cheryl Crow’s double.

  • spitter

    I don’t think its clear exactly what point she’s trying to make, but the fact is we took Silver in Archery and Gold in Skeet… good luck to the men in their Skeet competition…

    Breakin’ Clay makes my day…

  • sandy braille

    Seriously, I dont even like guns and I wasnt even offended by it. She clearly was just saying, heh, were american… hunting and shooting is a popular american sport, and ‘most’ of the american people doing that are using guns, not arrows (although archery is very cool, so dont start in on me :) We need to get grip as americans. What happened in Aurora and all tragedies are just that, tragedies. But we cant blast every person that happens to like guns because some unstable pyschopath did something horrific.

  • weefunk

    hey johnny she is part black but street talk is street talk slang is slang remember rock n roll it was a black thang first

  • Political BULL SH*T

    It is not the people who made this country what it is today it is the BULL SH*T we get from our elected officials who did this to our country.

  • Jake Guftawl

    I knew absolutely nothing about Lolo Jones, when I saw the tweet I immediately understood that she was talking about Olympic shooting competition. Everybody should understand that as an olympic athlete she is FOCUSED on her sport and the games. She’s in London not sitting on her couch in Boston freaking out over a nutcase hurting people in Colorado. She grew up in places where gun ownership is normal, unremarkable and not associated with killing people. After she has an Olympic gold medal, then you can demand that she be “sensitive” to all your fears and politically correct in the extreme. Until them shut up and leave her alone.

  • virginiapicker

    Dang, she’s hot. Wait… what was this article about again?

  • Aaron

    She was right. We did win the “gun shooting”

  • http://bleacherreport taylor

    I’ll admit that I’m proud that she’s white and representing this country. She’s actually mulatto like Obama but definitely Caucasian skin tone. I wish her all the luck in the world. Her comments were in poor taste but you can tell she is not that bright from her comments.

  • Joel

    Incredible athleticism and incredible intelligence rarely go hand in hand as we’ve seen from Lochte.
    But I agree with some of you she is attractive which has probably added to her reduced mental capacity. Never the less, she is representing our country (even in its current state) so the beifit of the doubt should be our first consideration.


  • Big D

    She’s in London not sitting on her couch in Boston freaking out over a nutcase hurting people in Colorado.

    Whoa whoa whoa… easy there. Not everybody in Boston sits on a couch.

    / Team “Chair and a half”

  • Jimbo

    You all missed it. Lolo was injecting humor into a sad situation. We are a country that is not good at archery, but when does the shooting competition begin, because we seem to be a country that is good at shooting each other. She was humorously saying that we should win a gold in shooting because we lead the world in guns and death by guns.

  • knightwhosaysni

    I’m a fan of any random potshot at Boston. You keep doing your thing Jake Guftawl.

  • Tired of PC BS

    How can the idiot press and the gun grabbers twist this into what they have? I didn’t read anything that referred to CO or any other tragedy. The 2nd amendment of the constitution gives us the right to have guns. Those who exercise that right should be a good shot! The aforementioned morons will twist anything to do with firearms into something bad. Guns good. People bad.

  • jmpXor

    You guys need to get over yourself. So sick of people being silenced because the so called hypocrites claiming to be tolerant are so intolerant of anyone with differing opinions of their own. What’s next? People going to cry over a tweet of an athlete saying they are going to go out and have a six pack to celebrate a win? How insensitive that would be to the people who lost loved ones to drunk drivers. Alcohol abuse has killed far more people than guns in this country. If you people a little more educated and were willing to do a little research you might find several cases where citizens carrying guns stopped an attack. So because a few insane people did stupid things with guns that makes the vast majority of responsible gun owners cold blooded killers? You are pathetic.

  • MrsDot

    What is the problem? Isn’t there a shooting competition in the Olympics? I thought that is what she was referring to.

  • insensitive

    There are way too many people with not enough to do. I think this making the news is because the large number of unemployed need something to do while taking in two years of unemployment checks.

  • Bill Nyyy

    The tweet was harmless, but why does everything turn into a race issue nowadays. There was a comment about someone being armed in Colorado being able to shoot the shooter, well I dare say if he hadn’t given up with all of that body armor, the police would’ve had their hands full so no everyday citizen with a gun would’ve done anything, but make him mad. As far as Johnny goes, why even bother responding to ppl like that.

  • Bill Nyyy

    I own a gun, I was in the military and I work law enforcement now, so I’m not against gun ownership. I do however think there needs to be gun control. Some of these idiots think the 2nd Amendment gives citizens the right to own anti-tank missles and any type of weapon that’s made. During the time the 2nd Amendment was drafted you did have these weapons of mass destructions that you have now, but they did have common sense to go along with their time.

  • knightwhosaysni

  • BarkatThis

    STFU with the Twitts, twits! Nothing any of them have to say are worth the time wasted.

  • Mark V

    This person is an absolute fucking fruitloop. What kind of so-called Christian would let the whole world know that she’s a virgin? It sounds like absolute bullshit to me. A real virgin would not go around advertising the fact; the person would have nothing to prove to anybody. In any event, it’s arrogance disguised as modesty: “Look at me, I’m incredibly hot, but I’m a virgin, and I’m to good for all of you atheistic fornicating sinners!” I don’t want to know whether or not No-No Jones is a virgin—she can go fuck herself. She ought to clam up and keep it to herself. Now look at her hysterical blabbering, thanking “God” for giving her “the best seat in the house” to watch the hurdlers as she finished fourth. No, “God” didn’t bless you at all, you, the so-called best in the world, finished fourth and therefore didn’t even medal. So just shut the fuck up and disappear, No-No. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter where you finish in the race—we’re not all so obsessed with “winning” and “losing”, but before people get upset at folks on welfare, they ought to consider the amount of taxpayer money that is poured into the Olympics and the primped-up, egotistical, overpromoted prima donnas like No-No who waste Joe Taxpayer’s money by spending all their time on Twitter, and praying to “God”, and then not even bringing home a damn medal. Best in the world, my arse. Put your tongue back in your mouth, No-No, go get yourself laid, and quit it with your idiotic tweets. You’ve got all the intelligence of a wad of cowshit, and anybody who defends your idiocy and is deluded enough to look up to you deserves you as a “role model”. TRUTH.

  • rekcalsa

    She turned you down when you asked her out, eh Mark? Better luck next time.

  • Jeremy

    So all the people screaming about Lolo’s right to free speech turn right around and blast ths Johnny guy’s comment about her bing white? Can you say HYPOCRISY? Nonetheless, she isn’t white or black, she is a beautiful person of mixed race. I don’t understand how all the blacks get to say a person is black when they are half white…the good half lol. And I can say that, ths is America, nigga!