Report: Dolphins looking to change team logo

New Dolphins Logo?

It seems that the Miami Dolphins are ready to finally make the big change the fan base has been waiting for. No, Ryan Tannehill isn’t ready to takeover as the new starting QB, but it seems the franchise is ready to alter the teams logo.

According to a report in the Palm Beach Post, the Phins have requested a logo change with the league. It seems Dee the Dolphin is just not modern enough, and the team is ready to leave her behind. And here I thought the Dolphins name was “Snowflake.”

Before all you Dolphins fans get upset, the team doesn’t plan on destroying what you love, at least that is what they are saying:

“We’re not talking about changing colors or taking the sun off the helmet. It’s not going to be like when Tampa Bay changed from orange to pewter gray,” he said. “It’s definitely keeping one eye on what’s traditional in the logo intact, while keeping one eye on a 21st century version of that.”

Oh sweet, maybe that means Ecco is going to replace Dee? That would go over swimmingly.


  • knightwhosaysni

    I’m no expert but that dolphin doesn’t have a tail fin. Pretty bad design if you ask me.

  • Knightro

    …that dolphin doesn’t have a tail fin.

    Doesn’t have eyes, a mouth, or a blowhole either.

    It is a visual representation of a dead dolphin.



    It’s a sleeker more streamlined blind dolfin with no propulsion and no need to breathe LOL…. As if we don’t have more important things to worry about, Sigh!


    Detroit’s Lion is anatomically correct! ;)

  • michael mcbride

    The old logo is better. Change the G. M. scouts, and draft a real first round quarterback.

    • Dave K

      michael gets it

  • Rick

    Wow thats the stadium logo form 2006-2009 so no its not the new logo Dave.

  • Dave K

    Rick, for some reason I didn’t include the link to the original Palm Beach Post report that speculated that it would look something like that. That report has since been updated to say that it won’t. I have updated the post with the proper link

  • Jose Abeyta

    Updating the Dolphin logo is fine, but I’d rather see them dump Ireland.

  • kyle the kansan finsfan

    Leave it alone!!!!! If not — go back to the original logo from 1966!!!! Quit screwing things up that people already like. Let’s try on a winning record and see how that sells!!

  • Brent

    Whos idea wasit to change the logo anyway ??? They should be fired !!!!

  • Norm

    Yea, adopting a new logo to resemble the stadium logo is a horrific idea. However, I saw this refresh design a while back and like it very much.

  • Norm

    Let me try this again!

    Type your comment here

  • Norm

    Sorry guys, I feel stupid. The link is under the “type you comment here” hyperlink in my last post.

  • R. Sanchez

    Its the worst symbol ever. As a Phin fan, our team colors are bad enough to except, but the logo is worse then that. I love my team, but the logo has to go. 1966 logo as mentioned would be a hell of an idea.

  • kyle the kansan finsfan

    The whole concept for our team name, and design, came from a contest in 1966. A lady won season tickets for the idea – is the way I remember it….. Why not let the fans decide once again!? Let people submit drawings and or professional designs to be voted on by THE FANS at a given date. But, the current and past logos must also be included!! I’m afraid if it is left up to a marketing team, (who probably wont sport the “new image” except on gamedays) we will come out looking like an arena league team — or even worse — USFL!!!! Who wants that!?!
    Although from Kansas, I’m also an Astros fan in baseball. The worst thing they did is switch from their orange star and white “H” logo! Just look around — you see it way more than you do their current star logo. The Orioles got it right when they switched their’s back! Hopefully our Fins front office won’t follow in these tragic footsteps and make these same mistakes!

  • michael mcbride

    The dolphins should be more worried about winning than changing logos>