Chris Berman screamed “BACK!!” 64 times tonight

Yes, you read that right.  Chris Berman was moderately restrained during Monday’s 2012 Home Run Derby on ESPN.  And while he was certainly his normal, bloviating, over-jovial self, he actually turned the dial down on his trademark “BACK BACK BACK BACK!” Home Run Call.  He brought the “BACK!” only 64 times during the three rounds of the derby, along with an additional 5 “WOW!”s.  I neglected to count the number of “OHHH AHHH!!”s, or the number of times he screamed “GONE!”.  I didn’t have that much will power.

You can see the numbers for yourself, sorted out by round below (click each image to enlarge).  I sacrificed the use of my ears so that you didn’t have to.  It seemed like a good idea at the time, until I suddenly realized that I would have to actually listen and pay attnetion to Boomer, Nomar and Krukie doing commentary on the exhibition for three hours.

Incidentally, Prince Fielder won the actual derby, beating Jose Bautista in the finals. But who cares?

  • Caitlin Schmidt

    Those 64 aren’t even counting the times he used the word “back” in interviews and conversations- that added another 14 to the count. After hearing the word back come out of Berman’s mouth 78 times, it’s lost all meaning as a word. At least for tonight.

  • Dave K

    Remember when we all liked Berman as kids?

  • cabbage

    He is the main reason I don’t watch the HR Derby.

    And yes Dave, I can remember when I liked Berman and Stu Scott. That was a long time ago. And I wasn’t a kid.

  • Gary

    I agree with Dave and cabbage. Berman`s “schtick” has grown predictable and tiresome as the years have gone by.Come to think of it,so has this farce of a home run hitting contest. Players smacking these batting practice “grapefruits” into orbit stretched out over three hours. There has to be something better to do or watch on a summer evening.Has to be!