Report: Jason Kidd & Deron WIlliams will sign as a free agent package deal

It looks like whichever team lands the most coveted free agent available this year will also have to bring in a future Hall of Famer.  Not that that is a bad thing. is reporting that Deron Williams and Jason Kidd have decided to sign for the same team this offseason.  They just haven’t decided which team that is going to be.

For most of the past year, it has been rumored that Williams would either stay with the (now Brooklyn) Nets, or else sign with the Dallas Mavericks to replace the aging Kidd.  But now it appears that one of those two teams will be landing themselves both a starting point guard in Williams (who probably should be playing SG anyway), and someone who is likely going to act as a backup PG, even though there is already a space reserved for him in Springfield, in Kidd.

Of course, if they do end up in Dallas, that means someone is out of a job.