Tigers’ starter Drew Smyly diagnosed with Ebola

On Sunday Detroit Tigers starting pitcher Drew Smyly left his start early against the Cincinnati Reds due to injury. The injury for which he left the game was believed to be a blood blister that had ruptured; however, that’s not the case. Not even close.

Doctors at the Centers for Disease Control announced yesterday that Smyly, in fact, has “just a little” Ebola. Dr, Prajit Kapoor said yesterday:

After extensive testing by a team of leading experts in the field of infectious disease, we’ve determined that Mr. Smyly definitely has Ebola—or, at the very least, an Ebola-like virus—but that, strangely, it is confined to the tip of his left middle-finger and is unlikely to spread further.

Smyly noticed the Ebola on Sunday, while warming up for the game. As mentioned above, he thought it was a blood blister. When it began causing him some pain, Smyly left the game.

It started hurting and affecting my pitches. Honestly, I just thought it was a blister. I mean, I knew it looked bad, but you never think it’s a life-threatening disease responsible for thousands of horrifying deaths.

If this isn’t the weirdest “injury” in the history of baseball, I’ll be shocked. With such a rare condition, sometimes it takes a few days to diagnose the problem. When asked if the delay in the diagnosis was due to the rarity of the infection, Dr. Kapoor offered a very honest response. “Actually, it was less that and more how gross it is. I, personally, vomited four times.”

This raises the question of how Smyly became infected. I have no clue. But the fact that this happened in Cincinnati is probably the least surprising part of the story.

  • Brah

    This raises the question of how Smyly became infected.

    From sticking his finger in some Cincy road beef.

  • s1rweeze

    I pick up a guy off waivers in fantasy, a few weeks later he gets Ebola. Makes sense.

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    Razorback Legend

    The Tigers like them some Razorbacks. Drafted Smyly two years ago and James McCann last year.