Euro 2012 is being protected by “testicle-biting dogs”

I am never going to understand the craziness of soccer fans across the pond. Euro 2012 is underway today and Polish police are taking every precaution necessary to deal with the ruffians that are there to cheer for their teams.

“Poland’s anti-hooligan squads are armed with: Shotguns firing baton rounds that probably won’t kill you as long as you’re 30m away, a truck-mounted water cannon affectionately known as ‘the typhoon’, a high-tech sonic cannon that can make you wet yourself on its lowest setting, dogs trained to bite you directly in the testicles.”

I don’t think any sports event, even the Super Bowl, reaches this kind of ridiculousness here in the States. I really like the “probably won’t kill you.” Well, that’s awfully nice. But I think I rather get hit with that and risk death than have my balls ripped off by a dog.

Has anyone here actually witnessed this kinda behavior overseas for soccer? We just like to riot after big wins, and some losses, by burning couches. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! COUCH FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Knightro

    This measures should be standard for every Philadelphia Eagles home game.

    And randomly tested.

    You know why.

  • cabbage

    Nothing in the US compares to soccer fans. Take all of the crazies in NY, Boston, and Philly. Have them start tailgating on Saturday for a Monday night football game and then give them flares and Molotov cocktails and you have a typical soccer crowd.

    Those mofos are crazy.

  • vez

    Pat get the book Among the thugs

    A firsthand look at english hooliganism

    The author embedded himself in a hooligan crew