LT Super Bowl ring sells for $230k

20120520-104852.jpgMaybe Lawrence Taylor’s son will help his dad out with the Money he made from auctioning off LT’s Super Bowl 25 championship ring. The auction was extended last night and ended up selling for $230k.

Taylor’s son, TJ, put ring up for auction last week, without the former New York Giant knowing. Taylor did say that he gave the ring to TJ and was free to do with it as he pleased. With all the money issues Taylor has had, I wonder if he wishes he had done the same. The nearly quarter of a million bucks is the most a Super Bowl ring has ever sold for.

No, the ring was not purchased by current Giants defensive end, Osi Umenyiora, who had claimed that he would purchase it back for LT if he reached 500k followers on Twitter. Osi fell 450k shy.

  • knightwhosaysni

    Probably a good investment actually. In 20 years it’ll probably resell for 2 million.

    • Dave K

      ya think? speaking of, a Babe Ruth jersey sold for $4 million.

      really really old wool shirt > gaudy ring with gold and diamonds

  • cabbage

    bring back flannel unis.

  • Vez

    yeah, cabbage, you go play in those in july in st.loooey, lose some elbees

  • dj

    ya whatever