Revis is gushing over his new backup QB

Usually we go to Darrelle Revis to talk trash about his opponents, or the disarray in the New York Jets locker room, but now he is just full of positive energy now that Tim Tebow has entered into his life.  The guy has that kinda impact.

While he isn’t singing his praises about his performance on the football field like his coaches are, Revis seems to be in complete awe about all those intangibles that Tebow brings to a football team:

“He’s a born leader, he really is,” Revis said Wednesday. “Very few athletes have the gift he has. He tries to lead by example all the time. He tries to be positive, which is awesome, and that (has resulted) in his success on the field.”

I remember when he said that about Mark Sanchez. Oh, what do you mean he hasn’t? Asked to go into further explanation of this leadership ability of Tebow:

“I don’t know. Some people have it, some guys don’t. It’s the passion within, wanting to be a leader, wanting to win. You see it all the time, eating lunch, walking down the hallway. You see it.

“He’s like that cartoon character Zeus (sic). He’s one of those guys. He’s very positive. He has passion for whatever he does. You can see it on him.”

Zeus? Wonder if Tebow told him that is blasphemy. I thought I was up on cartoon characters, what Zeus is he talking about. Please tell me that he doesn’t think the Greek god Zeus is an animated character he saw in the Disney movie Hercules.

“He’s a playmaker, he makes plays, he wins games,” Revis said of Tebow. “He’s one of those guys. He’s very positive. He has passion for whatever he does. You can see it on him.”

Oh man, this is like a schoolgirl crush or something. I mean, I figured that some of the Jets players would be a little resentful of Tebow being traded for, but to see one of the biggest leaders on the team getting behind the new guy who isn’t even the starter yet, wow. I can only imagine what it would have been like if Drew Stanton was still on board.

Someone get Sanchez’s hat size. I figure with that coif on top, he probably needs a 7 3/8 fitted. Get him a clipboard too.

  • Trey

    Revis must be on his meds.

  • cane

    revis loves it because now he becomes a wr with tebow throwing at him

  • Rex Ryan’s Foot Fetish

    #1. cane, you make now sense

    #2. Revis, “Damn, his arms are almost as big as my over-inflated ego.”

  • davants

    It’s the love of Christ within him that draws people to him. It’s God’s love for us that leads people to repentence. Tim Tebow is serving the Lord through his obedience to the calling placed on his life. As a believer, it’s refreshing to see the impact he’s having on people. Revis is just reacting to the contagious Spirit that’s all over Tebow. Cynics will continue their attempts to quench what the Spirit of God is doing through Tim Tebow. The Lord died for them as well. Often times we fear what we don’t understand or have control of, so there will continue to be people who mock the genuine character of Tebow and the Spirit that resides in him. May the scales be lifted off our eyes, so that we may see the truth of God’s word. He’s such a good God. God bless us all.

  • Lawrence McKenzie

    Tebow is nothing more than a wannabe QB but lacks the talent. Keep the God crap out of the NFL do all football fans a favor