Photo: Weatherford Tweets Giants Super Bowl Ring

Well, this is not a slip, and we can confirm with our sources within the Giants organization that this is the official Super Bowl 46 Championship Ring.  Punter Steve Weatherford Tweeted a picture of Eli Manning’s ring earlier.  It looks similar to the one that Clint Sintim Tweeted about a couple months back.

The total carat weight is 1.36 in diamonds and 1.11 in sapphires.  Not nearly as big as the ring following their win in Super Bowl 42, that weighed in at 1.5 carats in diamonds.

  • Dave K

    I like that ring. gonna have to try it on.

  • Big D

    I hate everything about this post. Except comment #1. No matter the situation, getting to wear an authentic Super Bowl ring is all kinds of awesome.

  • TerryS12

    It’s very interesting to see what type of ring that will represent all of the effort it took for both teams to compete and for one to win. Wear it prodly guys. You earned it… but then you know that :)

  • easy Ed

    I hope it is being made by H/J inc

  • someone

    needs more blue