The Morning After – May 14, 2012

Trey Wingo tweeted that Sports is truly the greatest reality show of them all. That can truly be said about what had transpired on Mother’s Day.

If one thought the drama about the last day of the 2011 baseball regular season was sensational, then Mother’s Day could provide even more intensity and drama like nothing else. The Premiership and La Liga had something to play for, whether to stay in top flight football, which Rayo Vallecano pulled off and Villareal could not, to securing their place in Europe, like Levante in Europa League, Malaga and Arsenal in the Champions League. There was a lavish coronation in the Santiago Bernabeu.  And then, there is Manchester City.

I really would like to commend the guys at Awful Announcing for putting this post up. It is such a gem. From the Law of Gus, now we have the Law of Darke, et al…

And by the way, I hope all of you had a great Mother’s Day yesterday.

Here forth are the links after the jump.

Lakers advance. So did the Clippers. (c/o Los Angeles Times)

The Establishment sent a message to The Upstarts. (c/o Boston Herald and Miami Herald)

Stern sees too much flopping. (c/o Cinemablend)

Not only did you exit the postseason, you exited feeling a little lighter. (c/o Yahoo!)

This drama is not over just yet. (c/o New York Daily News)

O-lym-pia-kos!!! (c/o MVP)

Junior Seau Memorial. (c/o NY Times’ Fifth Down)

He makes his return. (c/o Newark Star-Ledger)

Huge loss for the Nationals. (c/o Washington Post)

Mason is staying. (c/o Inside Nova)

A fitting way to listen to while thinking about yesterday.

  • Knightro

    Congrats Manchester City! Watching the ManU fans players at Sunderland react to the unlikely comeback at Etihad Stadium was awesome!

  • Watsonian

    That Man City comeback was amazing.