Joe Haden takes girl to her senior prom

Joe Haden of the Cleveland Browns never got to attend his senior prom because he was busy graduating early so he could head do Gainesville to enroll in classes and begin his college football career. Now Haden is a wealthy NFL cornerback and fulfilled a missed rite of passage for himself, and one for a lucky 18-year-old girl at Independence High School in Ohio.

Haden responded to a tweet from Joyce Grendel, an avid Haden fan, who invited the Browns defensive back after her original date snaked his way out of going with her to the dance. Haden surprised everyone, probably Grendel more than anyone, when he actually said yes.

This was a pretty cool thing that Haden did, and he went all out for Grendel. He picked her up in a white Lamborghini, and took her and friends of hers to take pictures at Cleveland Browns Stadium, and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Oh, and forget about the prom food, they dined at XO Prime Steaks before showing up to the actual dance.

In addition to impressing his date with his generous, and lavish gifts, he also played the roll of a gentleman according to Grendel. Oh, and he showed that he knows how to do the Dougie.

We give a big fist bump to Haden for going all out and giving this girl a memory for life.

  • Trish Huntington

    Wow, my faith in men becasue of “Joe Haden” has been restored. I sat here and actually got teary eyed reading and watching this. You go Joe. What a way to make somone’s night. She coudln’t have gotten a better person to take her to the prom and make her dreams come true. What a gentleman and a true hero in my book. Thumbs up!


    Great story! Chivalry is alive and well in America and dreams DO come true! Hats off to Mr. Joe Hayden!!!

  • Sean Smiddy

    Way to go Haden! I am a huge Broncos fan but will be pulling for a certain Brown CB I just read about! Nice to see that Joe is a true gentleman!

  • Lindy


  • Sean Cubbedge

    J H a true Gentleman

  • Maybell Boggan

    Wow!! I became teary as well. What a wonderful thing to do for someone. It is so good to see that all his success has not changed him from being a regular every day gentleman.

  • defox

    This young man has what it takes on and off the field to win the hearts of all of Cleaveland. I am a Cleveland fan of 35 years and have never been more proud. A real live prince charming. You are my Hero! Talk about changing a person’s life. All good things to you.

  • Christina Kowalski

    As the mother of Dave Kowalski, I want to say thank you for a fabulous evening for the kids. You have won my heart. You are a VERY nice guy that did a VERY nice thing. Thank you!

  • Vez

    who is dave kowalski?

  • cbh49er

    who is dave kowalski?

    He’s a ten-foot tall beast man, who showers in vodka, and feeds his baby shrimp scampi.

    He orchestrated the merger between UNICEF and Smith and Wesson.

    Kowalski went public with his own buttocks and made seven million.

  • cabbage

    All of the new kids were playing so nice, and then …….. :)

  • Vez

    cbh that is genius

  • Gary

    Joe Haden, you truly are a big dog with big class. Grendel is a true Browns fan who seems to be an exceptional young lady with a lot of class of her own and is very well spoken. Go Browns – Go Haden. From Y-Town.

  • Gary

    Y – Town again. apoligies, thought young lady’s first name was Grendel. Joyce, I looked at the pics and videos and you seem like a very cool kid (i know your 18). Joe Haden you looked liked you were also having a blast. With all the crap going on in the news and the world, this was a great few moments in time for everyone involed. Mr. Haden, someone obviously taught you that, “you never forget where you came from”.

  • Dan

    What a stand up guy!!!!

  • Gus

    Man, you gotta be cold not to root for this guy. Well played, Joe Haden. Class act.

  • JP

    What a great story. Love when players give back to the fans, those kids will always remember that.

  • Bill Milner

    Joe, you are big time!