Chris Webber calls out Blake Griffin for flopping (with video)

It wasn’t quite nearly as long and passionate as Jeff Van Gundy’s rant against flopping a month ago, but Chris Webber made it relatively clear that he is not a fan of players of flopping, and Blake Griffin drew his ire after overreacting to what was called a foul on Marc Gasol last night in the Clippers win over the Griz. Griffin acted as if he took a huge blow to the head, when Gasol basically didn’t come close to his head.

Webber’s gripe wasn’t as much against just the act of flopping, but why someone like Griffin feels the needs to rely on it. There have been many critics of LeBron James that have called him of for similar actions in his games. Here is what Webber said for those that cannot access the video:

“I think Blake Griffin is really playing hard and you have to love his effort tonight but I would caution him to be careful with flopping. I’ve played in these playoffs. The teams that were known for floppers do not get respect,” Webber said.

“Flopping is not a plus in this game. And what do I mean by flopping ? This is what I mean. You’re 270 pounds. The other guy is 300 pounds . It was not a blow to send you (to the floor). People watch tape. Coaches and GMs send tape into the league. You do not want to be known as a flopper. With him being so good he doesn’t need all the extra stuff.

“Everybody sees it. And you lose respect.”

There has been a call for the NBA to do something about flopping for years now, but it doesn’t seem to be in their interest to address the issue. But a fine here and a fine there for flopping might encourage these players to cut it out, and these guys can act like basketball players and not soccer players.

  • knightwhosaysni

    I think calling technicals for flopping would be more of a deterrent than fines.

  • Watsonian

    Griffin is a huge vagina. Instead of flopping, maybe he should learn how to fit a jumper from 10-feet.

  • Vez

    hard to judge tho knights. the obvious ones show up nicely on further review, so maybe fines/public embarassment later