The Morning After – May 7, 2012 edition

So, I still have not yet been able to watch The Avengers. I am very disappointed with myself. Shame on me. Considering this has already made milestones in The Motherland. And apparently the world. Blame it on my irrational aspect of not watching movies alone.  Too bad for me, i guess.

Here forth are the  links to keep you busy after the jump:

Spree versus PJ, revisited. (c/o Daily Mail)

Chelsea, Chelsea… I believe. (The Guardian)

Fitting farewell for Pep. (c/o Metro)

Fascinating read upon reflection upon Junior Seau. (c/o SB Nation)

Adieu, Dallas. (c/o The National Post)

Rondo-riffic. (c/o Boston Globe)

Red Sox got beat by someone hitting 0/8. (c/o Camden Chat)

He carried a team to victory, but he could have carried them to victory. (c/o Miami Herald and Denver Post)

Must be a good day at Staples Center. (c/o Faceoff and Los Angeles Times)

Here are the Grantland choice pieces of this week.

Here is a fitting parting homage to Brooklyn.

  • Trey

    Albert Pujols is on pace to hit 12 home runs. Congrats.

  • cabbage

    JP, as far as The Avengers is concerned, John Steed is just OK, but Emma Peel is HOT.